It's the Z-end: Welcome to the Zombie Apocalypse CHAPTER 24

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It's the Z-end: Welcome to the Zombie Apocalypse CHAPTER 24

April 1, 2012 15:39 PM

I'm fed up with these bastards, they keep growling and banging on the gate, as soon as I walk through the door. We stopped hearing them at no time, wherever I go, the blows are heard all over the house. They smell terrible and those grunts, I'll go crazy.... Right now it's very hard for me to write, I've been drinking to try to forget about the infected, but I can't do it.

Serafin, he's being more of a pain in the ass than a help, he insists on going to the Blue Port Club and getting us on his fucking boat. Inside, all I can think about is saying, "Fuck you, go by yourself." I can't take it anymore.

I've tried to make him understand things many times already, but he won't listen. All the tracks must be full of obstacles or by those things.... It is absurd to consider only going through a tunnel to get down to the vargas state. Anything unforeseen or anything can happen to us along the way, a single mistake and the consequence is death. We have to plan things well, we're risking our lives.

April 1, 2012 20:40 PM

A little while ago I started to see my Mother's things. They were some boxes that were in the attic, when my mother died, my sister was the wine and I keep her things here, everything is here, I think nobody had touched them since then, I didn't dare to do it. For a moment I could feel his perfume and I began to cry like a child.. At least he didn't have to witness all the hell that's going on right now.

After being there for a while, I started writing this. I still feel sad, but at least I've been able to cry and let off steam. For a moment, I completely forgot about those bastards. Maybe taking shelter in my mom's things was the best thing.

Right now I'm on the terrace, and from here I can see those bastards banging on my door, all the time. Some more have arrived, I guess the noise of these bastards makes more come. I can see the body of the man who was missing his legs and the woman a few meters away.

Normally from here I enjoyed a wonderful view of the caracas and the Avila was incredible at night. Now it just looks all dark. Where normally the silhouette of the elevation was seen bordering the beginning of the Avila.

Reflecting on that, I guess the whole country must be in the dark by now. When all this started, many people stopped going to their jobs, so it is normal that all services failed, rather they lasted too long.

I'm almost out of my cigar, so I'll stop writing and go down and check the soldier's backpack. The truth is, I feel a little sorry for him.

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I'm trying to learn chinese in my spare time.

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