It's the Z-end: Welcome to the Zombie Apocalypse CHAPTER 25

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It's the Z-end: Welcome to the Zombie Apocalypse CHAPTER 25

April 2, 2012 13:11 PM

Shit, this whole thing's been a disaster. As if the noise of these damned knocking on my door at every moment and electrical failure were not enough, the internet has ceased to exist. Back to the era of losing? I don't know. I don't know. I try to access the internet from my phone and I only see the screen in white, it doesn't open the radio application anymore and I guess it's normal, many servers should be down and many of their employees should be dead. The fact that I've endured to this day is insane.

I'll still be writing in the paper. I need to share what I see with someone. I need to put my thoughts and anecdotes somewhere, otherwise I'll go crazy and lose track of time in a matter of months. If at any time those bastards get in or something happens to me out there I hope that someone will read this and it will be a record of how I lived these days. It looks like shit, but that's what I'm holding onto.

Yesterday, when I told myself to go out in the driveway. I opened the door with some fear. When I opened the door I realized that the soldier's body was still intact where I left it, the noise that those damned people made was deafening, they definitely knew it was there.

I sat next to the body and lit a cigarette, I just watched it for a while. It was the first time I had ever been able to observe one of these things up close and without haste. The smell that emanated was fatal. The color of your skin has become somewhat grayish and your blood system is extremely marked on your skin. Along with the wounds on his face, he looked totally unpleasant.

How could I take his holster away from him? Inside was a gun, silver and heavy. It's loaded, holding this in my hands makes me feel different. I know it's psychological, but the sense of security I have is wonderful.

In addition to gun ammo, I found several shotgun magazines. One is empty, one can feel the smell of gunpowder. I guess he had a shotgun when those bastards grabbed him. Where could that shotgun be now?

The backpack is the best of all. It had a sleeping bag, a compass, a map with defensive tactics marked on it, a first aid kit and 2 vials of morphine, but the best thing is that I got food rations.

With some effort, I turned the body over, rummaging through his lower pockets and found his wallet. His name was Gonzalo Marquez, he was 25 years old and came from Barinas. He had a picture of two girls, probably his daughters? I don't know. And to think a day ago I was sticking a knife in the back of his head.

I don't know what to do with the body right now. I can't throw it over the wall into the street because those bastards will see me and I can't throw it into another house because the wall is a little higher and I can't carry it down the stairs and it doesn't even cross my mind. For the moment I wrapped him in some sheets. Tomorrow I'll think of something..

April 2, 2012 17:21 PM

What was missing.... I told Serafin what happened to the soldier and now he thinks we might be able to cross the city killing them all the way to the boat. I don't know how to explain to him anymore that it's not like that. I've gone out there risking my life just to get by a few feet and take out three of those bastards. He plans to cross half the city and get to the beach with all those infected people out there. It's not impossible, I know that. We'd have to plan everything carefully and not go out like crazy, it's not like we know what's waiting for us on the other street.

When I talked to him, he was wearing a kind of uniform. He looks very strange in his uniform, I don't know if he's losing his mind yet, but he doesn't give me much confidence.

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