It's the Z-end: Welcome to the Zombie Apocalypse CHAPTER 26

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It's the Z-end: Welcome to the Zombie Apocalypse CHAPTER 26

April 3, 2012 11:39 AM

I was sleeping on the terrace when I was awakened to the sound of gunfire. It was like from a gun. The shots sounded right next door. It was Serafin. But what the hell is happening to this idiot? Does he want to get the attention of all the infected people on Main Street?

I ran down to the backyard and as I could climb up the stairs that were leaning against the wall, when I looked out into Serafin's backyard I could not see anyone. I just got to see some of the boxes and furniture that were in your yard. I called him, quietly. I wasn't answering. Damn it, Serafin....

The noise that the infected made at Serafin's door could be heard perfectly from my house. The problem is, it sounds like wood, so that means they're in the front yard.

I went down and looked for some sheets, I was thinking of going down to his yard when Serafin looked out of a window on the top floor. He told me it's okay. He tried to look for some things in his car, but there are dozens of infected people in his street. He told me they broke into his front yard. That he killed two of them.

His whole uniform is torn and bloody. I asked him what happened to him and he told me that one of the infected people tried to grab him by the arm, but that he got loose without problems, that all the blood was from those damned people. He's a little pale, I think he's hiding something from me.

Right now I'm in the kitchen eating some canned food as I write this, I keep thinking that Serafin has been bitten....

April 4, 2012 13:45 PM

I had another drink yesterday. I feel like shit, I don't know how I'm writing this. Since I was a teenager I always went to parties, but I was never a drinker.... At least I didn't drink every day, but with all this hell out there I think it's better that way.

I haven't slept well in days. I wake up with any noise and I think I'm suffering from paranoia.... The monotone noise of these bastards hitting my door is driving me crazy. I've thought about taking sleeping pills, but I think I'm more afraid of falling asleep and the infected getting through.

April 4, 2012 20:36 PM

I heard shots again. They sounded northbound, it was a series of short shots. They lasted about 20 minutes and then they stopped. I guess they ran out of bullets or ended up getting killed by the infected....

I haven't seen Serafin since last time. As much as I call, he doesn't leave his house. I'm already expecting the worst. Goddamn it.

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