Bull vs. Bear: Why so scared bro?

2개월 전


It's my saturday post!

Trying to post more regularly...

Why so scared?

How much worse can it get? It's always bearest before it turns bully!

Pencil phase!

Might I add I haven't made a substantial effort to make a sketch since late September? Times have been quite literally nutty for me...

Can you spot the doge hair?

What are you doing today?

You can count on me to do nerd things today. Planning to try a new digi-paint program and hopefully get some classes started! Hoping to catch up with you all soon.

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It is jiu jitsu day today. A bit of training and a birthday party for on of my partners.

Maybe a little more research into best practices for our digital marketing company and some fermenting of the last of the hot peppers.

And beer!

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Sounds like a busy day — practicing arm bars and wrist locks could be useful at some point.

Digital marketing remains a mystery to me, seems very useful.

I remember beering! Good times!

🤣 great sketch after some weeks off. Nice one. All the best. No bulls yet LOL stacking is so much better when bears are rawring 🐻


Hopefully things will stabilise a bit for me... Who knows though!!!

I think I will go for a walk in the cold now :)

Bull needs to be smart, size doesn't matter :p

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The biggest thing is -- retail investors is still scared... and probably too broke to invest!!!