Media Machine Illustration

2개월 전

Super busy, but needed to post anyway!

My notebook, which has brought you all some crazy posts over the years, has gone bananas due to the crumminess of Windows 7. So... I switched to Linux! I'll have to try to figure out how to run at least a few of my favourite Windows apps.

I've got to say, though, installing Linux (Mint) was incredibly quick and easy. Getting illustrator running won't be so easy, but it's worth a shot.

04 machinery_00405.png

Not much more to say, but here's a scene from an explainer video. It's not real pixel art, it's vectored and then treated with a pixel filter in After Effects. Sorta like making an instant cake instead of a home-made cake?

Gotta run! I'm not logged into Steem on my notebook, in fact, there are a lot of sites I need to log back into. At least I'm partially free of creepy ole Mr. Gates for a little while longer :D

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Amigo,buenas noches,espero este bien,saludos y gracias por su ayuda

installing Linux (Mint) was incredibly quick

Which version, @overkillcoin?


Cinnamon I guess... but somehow it didnt install over windows, it just ran parallel to windows... Doh I have no idea what I'm doing lately


Cinnamon is desktop environment, like Mate or KDE, @overkillcoin, you chose it for any version you install. I, for example am on old version 17.3 Rosa. The latest are 19.1 Tessa (comes with Cinnamon) and 19.2 Tara. That should be written at your desktop screen :)

Caramba,felicitaciones! Todo artista va con una linda obra,saludos amigo,gracias por su ayuda,espero progrese para que pueda ayudarme,le deseo todo lo mejor y que las situaciones que pueda vivir,pronto se resuelvan,saludos,gracias y pasela bien

Great to see so many posts from you!


Thanks sequential, although I did take a hit over the last 5 or so days (unable to post :)