Oooooo that Lion Bastard!

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I’m using the Brave Browser as I post this...

So I guess it's not totally useless. And ANY tech company is better than the Google... So what am I going on about?

Brave “Rewards” and their KYC strangehold

I know I'll be taken as an anarcho-traditionalist, but I think it's pure trash that Brave lets users rack up rewards, only to restrict withdrawals to those willing to give their full name and show a photo...

Worst of all, there’s no warning for new users.

Brave? Or chicken?

This doesn't seem to reflect the vision of Brave's creators, so I guess they just took the easy road and went with a slimy, pervasive wallet. No shock, I think the “noose” is slowly closing in crypto and Nakamoto's original vision will give way to banks, bootlickers and tyrants.

Hope I'm wrong, but well, you know...

The bright side

At least earlyish adopters are going to make some decent bucks along the way and find financial freedom... But damn, Brave, you lion again!!!

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True dat. Or bat. I installed it a couple months ago and use it as my presearch browser. Earned .02$ since then and definitely not selling my identity for that!

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I had a fair amount of bat-units, but that's not a boast, because I'm going to either hand my passphrase to a friend — or let them fester...

Only 0.02 though? Stingy lion!

Hahaha, yeah you are right... I just did the whole uphold-kyc process :-(


But but but... they're the PRIVACY browser, don't ya know!


Btw... I would love to have a Steemitri The Mannequin drawing from you one day ;-)
Love your artwork :-)
Big Plastic Hug
Steemitri The Mannequin


There’s only one privacy browser so far — TOR. Isn’t it, @overkillcoin?


I think Brave offers a TOR window option though?????? :D