⚔️ ⛵ ☠️ Pirate Flag Ship in 3d Pixels ☠️ ⛵ ⚔️

2개월 전

Queue that stupid Enya song—

We're going sailing today — aboard the Flag Ship!

Check out that starboard

Can't believe it... I'm on baddie #4 already. The series is growing.

pi snap 1.png

And this would be portside

I guess sailors in that era didn't know their left from their right...

The crow's nests

This is where junior-level pirates scope out flaggable posts.

pi snap 3.png

The captain is perturbed!

I'd be perturbed if I were low-poly, too...

pi snap 4.png

Deck details

You'll find cannons, a cargo hold, railing and stair cases...

pi snap 5 deck.png

Can I borrow a torpedo? Anyone?

Alrighty, that's it for now! Thanks again for being a part of my day, we'll catch up laters.

pi snap 6 bye.png

Meet the Whole Lot of ’Em!


“Ye Olde Flaggy Bastard”

“Harpooner Whale”

“Pirate Flag Ship”

“Spam Barge”


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Amigo,veo que esta realizando un duro trabajo,lo felicito por su talento pero debe tomar descanso un rato y relajarse un poco,no se desespere tanto ya que puede enfermar,poco a poco va seguro,cuidese,mucho cariño para usted,feliz inicio de semana,Dios me lo cuide y feliz dia

This series is nice!! I look forward to the next work;)


Thanks, it's not easy to keep up the pace and the quality, but I will try my best :)