Pirate Lass — Grrrrenadier

2개월 전


A female crew member —

with a bomb — and puffy sleeves!

Struggling to keep the pace up... Yesterday I went shopping twice - and I HATE shopping! Nothing puts my schedule in a tailspin like shopping and driving all over the place. Meh's.

A bit over-done?

I don't know why exactly, but I think this character is too complex and is losing sight of my original style. Being a female figure, I wanted to add more roundness in the shoulders and dress... I dunno... Let me know what YOU think — unless you're Anita, here to wreck all the funs.

Deranged face?

Looks kinda like someone I know, but I can't figure out who...


That grrrl likes explosives...

And those sleeves! I doubt there's a quicker way to a man's heart than wearing puffy sleeves.

Okay, everyone, I'm out!!


Meet the Whole Lot of ’Em!


“Ye Olde Flaggy Bastard”

“Harpooner Whale”

“Pirate Flag Ship”

“Spam Barge”


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You found yourself a new technique? I like it a lot and yes, those puffy sleeves really do it for me :>)


I was making voxels quite some time ago, but this is more of a cohesive series I guess :)


I see. I don't remember those days. So much to catch up with ;>)

Baby got back 😂


Lolz... DOH!!

Muy linda pirata amigo,es todo un artista,los personajes estan muy hermosos para ponerlos a navegar jaja,saludos y muchas gracias por su ayuda incondicional,feliz noche,un abrazo