Random art + mini update!

2개월 전


Some spare art to post!

Couldn't be happier right now... I found an illustration I made last August and figured I'd share it with some of you.

Part of a larger animation...

The idea is that professionals have to feign success, wealth and happiness at all times — or the watching world will take notice and it won't be good...

Going to go for a walk in the hills, clear my mind a bit

Not like achieve a zen-like state, just hopefully forget a portion of all the nonsense that's been transpiring...

One last thing... FINALLY making a serious effort to take voice over classes NEXT WEEK!!! Also, thanks for your comments on the last post, I read them all, but I've been slacky in replying :(

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Looking good!


Thanks! It's one of those rainy day projects, so I don't think I'll have time to finish it :-/

But still fun to create!!!

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Thanks Dave Y'all!!!

Nice to see you popping up in my time line once again :>)
And yes, I can very much relate to this although I would hardly call myself a professional in anything. I change ( creative ) places way too often. Writing a novel right now ( nanowrimo ) after trying my hand on making games for a month or two.

See you around! :>)