Steem & BTC Pirate drawing + It's great to be back

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Back — in more ways than one!

For the past week, I've been back “home” after being away since late August. During this span, my creativity was pretty much shot to pieces. Technically I had time to post, but my environment was really out-of-wack, leaving me fatigued and burned out on a day-to-day basis. No sooner did the day end, that I felt a compulsion to rest up for the hassles of the next day — and any unexpected events as well!

It even took me time to re-adjust after traveling back.

While I don't plan to do elaborately detailed, full-colour art for the foreseeable future, I do hope to post regularly again. I will do my best to keep it poppin’ and interesting.

Exhibit A: Poppin’ Fresh

Voiceover update

I've gone through two training modules in my voice over classes... One was a general introduction for beginners, just to get me up to speed... the other was a more technical review of the recording process. I am learning about deEssing, compression, equalizing and normalizing audio.

My biggest take away is that I REALLY need to be practicing daily, at least 30 minutes a day.

Planning to have the vocal booth finished (enough to be functional) by wednesday. I need to also get a mic stand and clamp-on shelf to hold any scripts or iPods.

I'm hoping to get this microphone, made by a small microphone company with mad electronics upgrades:

And now it's sketchy time!

Sadly, the ball-point pen ruined most of the details. This might call for a digital touch up later on...


Will try to post tomorrow!

Thanks again for all your support!

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hehehehe hello love, I love that you are back!!!

Welcome again and this time I hope you don't leave us anymore. ;)

I really like your drawing, especially the BTC that seems drunk and scared at the same time, you are great and I love seeing your art. <3 <3 <3

We'll talk later when I recharge my phone.

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Welcome back 😁 At least you used your time to level up. I am already curious about your future posts 😁


Feels like I'm only getting started, meaning... I don't have my voice over booth done... and I feel it's a really late start for all this!!! If I can get the basics started this week, then I'll be able to practice like crazy, which is just what I need...