Voxel Octopus & Studio Update!!

2개월 전


Whatta fun week!

I can't even REMEMBER the last time I've posted 7-days straight on Steem. Please be patient with me as I do my best to keep it up.

Today's “art”

Wanted to keep things simple, so I made a low-poly octopus. This sounds a bit deranged, since I'm not a dev, but I'd like to make some game-style characters and maybe a mock game scene.

What was fun about today's piece — it's simple and uncomplicated compared to my usual voxel stuff. Less of a hassle and the style looks more gamified.

Studio update

This week, I bought the rest of the PVC pipe needed to frame my sound booth. Also, got a lamp (with an after-market LED bulb), monitor, speakers & adjustable height desk for a REALLY good deal at some second-hand shops. Here are some pictures.

The itty-bitty mic is only temporary. I will be ordering cables for USB, XLR and VGA over the weekend if all goes as planned!!!

I am grateful...

And I really can't wait to take a deep dive into voice overs. Thanks for visiting as per usual.

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I am so glad to se you posting and se progress 😉 missed you my friend and you know Im a big fan of your work. Big hug and hope we catch up soon 🤗🤗🌹


Thannnnnkkkkssss... I feel as though I want to do more in life, and hopefully some more audio work will help that happen :)

Maybe fully up and running in 2 - weeks!!!

I am still on discord too! (But I deleted twitter)

The project is coming along nicely


Thanks man, it really helped to get some second-hand stuff... That PC monitor only cost me $5, just my price range! The desk — a bit rusted and beat up, but who even cares...


I don't care. Do you care? 🍻


I don't really even care! :)

Super cool! You will be a pro in no time... $$$$

Gotta love the Octopi.



I really hope so! I have such a habit of doing either a game-show voice - or cartoon voices - that it's really difficult to calm down and sound normal!

Octopi? That's my favourite pastry!

Pixel whale for tomorrow! :D


Did you hear about the new Vietnam movie starring James Dean? His estate is allowing a new film to be made with him using old photos and film to recreate him via CGI in this new role. They are recording a voice over for all his dialogue... I see big opportunities ahead for you! You might want to work on your Humphrey Bogart or Errol Flynn!