"Circle Of The Dragon" Tokenized Artwork

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"Circle of the Dragon"

This artwork is an attempt at getting a bit back to the more abstract artworks I've made in the past.

I feel like I've been focusing a bit too much on creating animations lately, and it's not quite the relaxing activity that just experimenting with combinations of GIMP, Deepdreamgenerator and Weavesilk was in the beginning.

Circle Of The Dragon involves a couple of GIMP filters I had yet to find a use for, as well as some Deep Style settings I had only used in a few cases before.

I hope you like it, even if it is a lot less "alive" than some of the last artworks I created ;)


As usual, I started with a Weavesilk drawing.

I love how random movements can create extremely pleasing to look at patterns in this tool !


Deep Style

I then sent it through Deep Style with just a few different styles, to see what came out

As you can see, one I found one I liked, I began adjusting the minute settings in the Deep Style, trying to extract an interesting pattern






I then used GIMP to combine the different layers together, in a superposition of elements


I then cut out the part that I found most interesting, after duplicating the image to make sure I still had the background.

The, I applied to the background image a filter from G'MIC-qt called Aurora:


This gave an interesting pattern for the background:

I then worked around the outlines of the shape with the Smudge tool to ease the discordance and introduce some smoothness to the outlines, as well as removing some of the remaining colors around the main shape I cut off earlier.


I played a bit with the color levels, then attempted to see how it'd look with different filters applied :



I finally decided to just go with it as is, and instead apply the Illusion filter as an overlay, as I've always wanted to try and incorporate it somehow:


back to Deep Style

Back to the generator I went, wanting to have a look at some extra styles of this new version:

When I found the pattern, I redid the Deep Style using the highest quality settings, while keeping the colors of the original image.

And, after combining in GIMP


I was done !



I hope you liked this artwork !

As always, my art is released under CC-BY

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Hi pbock,

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Thank you !
Always love when I manage to get your attention ;)

I find this publication spectacular. I love the step-by-step description of how you achieved your final work. The work is abstract but it has movement and you deserve a big round of applause. I did not understand much about the use of filters. I hope this new cycle of creations is relaxing and successful. Greetings @pbock


Thank you very much :)

I love taking notes on how I create these artworks, and sharing them :)

The filters vary between knowing what you want to make, and/or just playing around with whatever filter you think sounds interesting. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't, but I find it's always fun to see what happens :)

What a great talent you have! A lot of art in its splendor, really congratulations for your great effort :D


thank you !

I haven't enjoyed abstract art in the past but I slowly started to accept that I can't understand everything in this world and I began to enjoy the shapes and colors more. This is a spectacular piece of work. I love the color and the combination. I also like the step by step instructions.

Well done! Thank you for sharing and have a lovely day!


thank you :)

I'm glad you were able to enjoy it.
Have a lovely day too !