Drawing a monkey (video process)

3년 전

Hey everyone! Today I bring you the latest drawing I've made. On this ocassion I've made a drawing of a mandrill Monkey , I made it because it's been a while since i wanted to make an animal portrait and when i saw the picture of this one, i thought that was a very interesting face, the hair and all the volume realised in the principal part of his face..So there it is, the result of this little drawing.Down below you can check out as always, pictures of the process and a speed drawing video. Hope you like it!


-Charcoal 4b soft pencil
-Cretacolor white pencil
-Chalk white
-Toned gray sketch paper (medium surface)
-Kneadable erarser
-Blur pencil




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Really cool drawing of the Mandrill Ape, @perazart ! I love how you captured this creature's unusual face and hair :) There's something quite noble with its features, isn't there? :) I love how you did the eyes, in particular, the texturing and the shading gives them realistic glassy look that pops up from its face well ! <3

Wonderful work, @perazart !!!


thanks @veryspider! yes I think the monkey have somenthing noble in his face.


yes think it was... but hey, its not my fault hahah

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thank you!!!! :)

Amazing. Thank you @perazart for sharing this one with us. It’s such an amazing finish piece, anything other than the time lapsing wouldn’t have justified it. Great job!

Check it out @splatz.


Yo, Yo...



thank you for the comment and support!! :)

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Thanks for the support!! this is very valuable to me :)


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Keep up the great work!


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thanks for your support :) !!

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BroI hates monkeys, but you've done with your illustration that I like it. very very impressive tech.


hahah, thank you!!

Fabulous work, @perazart! Astonoshing realistic! Well done! 😉

bestial bro


gracias !!