Painting a self-portrait

3년 전

Hello everyone!! In this post I want to show you a self-portrait that I make with oil paint on canvas, the intention in this painting was to use a range of colors similar to the one used by baroque painters, I used ocher, brown and green tones to give this classic sense in the portrait. It is really one of the few times I feel quite happy with the result, and the process of painting myself with this technique was quite entertaining. It took me about 6 hours doing to make this work.

Down below you can check out as always, pictures of the process and a speed drawing video. Hope you like it!

The materials



proceso 3 autorretrato.jpg


The self-portrait

Thanks for watching... You can follow me and vote and if you liked, your support is very valuable for my. thanks you!!

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I think you have done a fantastic piece here. The resemblance is very close and looks just like you. I have always heard that portraits are the hardest to do and takes years of practice.


Oh yeah, I've been doing this for some years now and still, there's so much that I have to learn. It's a never ending process. Thank you so much for your comments.

Hi perazart,

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yeah !! hehe, thank you @curie :)

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Oh wow, that is so nice, I specially liked the 6 pictures you showed, step by step. I used to think the portrait is made in its finest form from beginning but now I see how it works. you made is so perfect, matches your face exactly, all the face features.

thanks for sharing your work and congrats on your curie :)


thanks, well there are several ways to make a portrait, this is one of those, thanks for your vote and comment... (pd: My English is not very good but I´m learning)


Oh your english is good enough :)

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Thanks ♥

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Great job man! :D


Thank you!! :D

Such an amazing self portrait painting you have in there. And like i always say it is because of people like you that art has made it to where it is today. and the world would have never been interesting without art. Every aspect of our lives on earth is all art. The way we walk, talk, sing, dance and so on are all part of art.

I really enjoyed every word in there plus your various steps in doing it made it such a great piece. I also admire you for adding a video coverage to tell how sweet it is to be an artist. Great work and keep the painting spirit up always

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You're really good, exceptional I may say! Doing a self portrait is never easy and as a woman, I'm pretty sure no matter how good I would be, the portrait would never be good enough 😁 You on the other hand did an excellent job, the portrait looks exactly like you, I'm impressed! Great work!

Nicely done!

I like the art more when I can see it's behind the stage processing. From start to end and way it evolves. It helps to connect with it more deeply.

Great art work!

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thanks a lot ! :)

Man, this is good. Really good.
I have a great deal of respect for oil painters. I tried once and was unable to achieve any decent forms or colors.
I was reading a history book the other day and drooling over the great venezuelan masters (Salas, Rojas, Michelena, Tovar) and their portraits of the heroes of the independence war and I can see some of that energy and mastery of the technique in your work.
Congratulations; keep perfecting your art.