x Marks The Spot!!

2년 전

Earthlings I am Pricasso most wonderful artist and who are you? Have you had a most magical amazing and epic week so far?? Pricasso certainly has and is even happier as the weekend is here YAY

Today Pricasso wanted to do something very special today so did, with his most magical fingers silk canvas golden nugget fingers and donkey hair brush presents you Pricasso's latest, 'X Marks'


Was that magical or was that magical and did you spot the X?

Pricasso agrees

Have a stunning weekend!
Yours Always


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All your donkey hair brushing has painted your fingers golden nugget @pricasso? That's rather a scary thought. I'm so relieved that I have goats instead of donkeys and that I am too busy for painting


This is too true my Lady

Be blessed

Yours Always