Balcony 3D scene project

2개월 전

-- This a post that has originally been published on Hive a while ago, and I decided to post it on Steemit now as well to see how it will do. Depending on that, future content may be published here as well. --

This is a project I worked on and finished around a month ago, featuring a balcony scene.

This scene took me around a week of work, as I tried to make it look as realistic as I could, with only Blender and a bit of Photoshop.

You can see the before and after image of how the scene looks without all the textures and lighting here:

Most of the models are mine, excepting the Plants and books on the table. Textures, and the used models are all taken from Poliigon.

Anyway, here's the image:

final jpg.jpg

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