Black Hole 3D artwork

2개월 전

-- This a post that has originally been published on Hive a while ago, and I decided to post it on Steemit now as well to see how it will do. Depending on that, future content may be published here as well. --


After my last project featuring a kitchen made in Blender I decided I wanted to do something a bit different, but I had no idea what exactly.

So, I applied a very common strategy that has been useful to me since I was 14 years and I started working in Photoshop for the very first time - watching tutorials.

After a bit of search I stumbled upon a tutorial I saved made by Gleb Alexandrov teaching you how to make a black hole in Blender.

You can find the tutorial here if you're interested.

Bellow are the images I made following that tutorial:




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