Cabin in the woods - 3D project


-- This a post that has originally been published on Hive a while ago, and I decided to post it on Steemit now as well to see how it will do. Depending on that, future content may be published here as well. --

This post is gonna be quite short, because I'm really tired, since I've been working all day to get this done.

I finally finished a 3D project I've been working on for too long, and, well, you can see it bellow.

I used Blender for pretty much anything you can see, except for a few models that I downloaded from Poliigon & ModelHaven (plus some trees from Free3D (user tyrosmith) , because modeling those particular models would've taken me too much time.

Textures are all from Poliigon and TextureHaven, except for a few improvisations that I had to do myself.

I also used Photoshop for post editing, once the scene was rendered.

If you want to see the untextured versions, you can check my ArtStation profile here:

The next projects I'm gonna work on are gonna be (hopefully) smaller, therefore I'll end up posting more of them.

Anyway, here are the main 3 images from the scene:




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