Modern Kitchen [Composition and Color Study]

2개월 전

-- This a post that has originally been published on Hive a while ago, and I decided to post it on Steemit now as well to see how it will do. Depending on that, future content may be published here as well. --

For the past two weeks I've been working on something and I'm happy to finally be done with this 3D scene.

Everything is made for the purpose of getting to understand composition and color a lot better, therefore my focus was not on making the models you see myself.

Most models are from Poliigon and one from Free3D (the microwave).

The textures are from Poliigon.

Hope you like it!

P.S. - In case you can't properly see the images because for some reason using the website gave me problems with uploading images, you can better see them on my ArtStation:





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