Blender 2.8 | WIP Warrior of Sun Teddy Bear

2년 전

Hi, everyone! I hope you've been having a great week. After my BioShock 2 fanart that I posted before, now I'm boosting myself to work not on the other un-textured character, but a new, hopefully-turn out great character for a challenge submission. 

So this character is a warrior, a cute one, for CGBoost 4th Challenge with the theme Cute Warrior. So the catch is to look cute but also strong, like myself. Except I'm not strong, nor do I look cute. So I don't know what I'm talking about. 

WIP Warrior of Sun Teddy Bear

Scrolling down the Facebook group page where the participants can share their WIPs, I really had to steel my nerve because what I saw there were artworks to be praised about. I hope I can win this challenge with this warrior Teddy bear that I'm making. 

As always, I'm using Blender 2.8 and render the whole thing in EEVEE real-time render engine. 

No texture -- Flat shading -- EEVEE viewport render

The way he handle that kite shield upside down like that is inspired by this cute game Dark Souls. If you don't know that game—the Souls series—, you should definitely play it. It's cute, family-friendly, and very relaxing. You'll love it. 

The sun crest, though, it wasn't inspired by our boi the-out-of-place-optimist Solaire of Astora. It's just some sort of secret Teddy bear order that protects their child owner at night. Just a simple element to add more backstory to the character, and to the whole scene's storytelling. So it's kinda like Dark Souls meets Toy Story. 

Currently my biggest problem is not being able to work quickly and efficiently, resulting in prolonged projects, which I believe is keeping me from growing and finding my own style quicker. Joining this challenge is good to practice to work within deadline, which is something I have to be able to do right now if I want to see that portfolio of mine full ASAP. 

But also...
So I can win a freelance license of Marmoset Toolbag 3, of course :p

Flat shading in viewport

I guess that's all I have to share for today. Thank you for visiting my post and wish me luck, people! May the best artist win. If you want to know more about the challenge, go to CGBoost Challenge


©2019 Adam Rainite Lawsone
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This is too adorable, @rainite XD I love !!! It's definitely very YOU <3 Hahahah, both CUTE and STRONG :D A teddy warrior <333333 gosh i love the lil frown on his bear face and I love his outfit and and shield and sword, also :D What a great little guy :D



Yeah, he's frowning because he's   a n g e r y   at the closet monster that I'll show in the final render hahaha. Definitely need to get better at drawing, though, because it looks too simple. But I'm happy that you love it Spidey, thank you thank you! ^^

How dare you inflict so much cute on us 😆

Not sure that I quite believe you about Dark Souls being family friendly 😝

Looking forward to eevee, I’m killing my viewport atm 😵

I totally feel you on the not being able to work quickly and efficiently. You’ll get there 🙃

Hope you get that license 😄

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By dying again and again and again and ragequitting in Dark Souls, you'll drop the game, have a wonderful dinner with your family and spend the evening in the living room playing board game and have fun with your kids instead. Hence categorized as family-friendly. See? I wasn't lying about it... XD

I totally feel you on the not being able to work quickly and efficiently. You’ll get there 🙃
I hope so. Because I rarely use concept art/reference images, which makes me get lost so often. Hopefully your computer can handle EEVEE in its final build. Mine can crank up the fan until the noise is like that of a tornado sometimes if I switch to EEVEE.



My computer is currently handling (to some value of handling, it crashes occasionally but I can't tell what makes it crash, predictably it crashes more when I'm pushing it like by rendering on all cores, but sometimes I'm reading something with not much else going on and it crashes) my heavy abuse reasonably well and this included moving things in render mode in Blender with the current 2.79 viewport (it really, really hurts XD I don't do it often but sometimes I want to quickly see approximately how a texture looks without actually having to do a test render).

I will not be surprised if the fans arc up enough to lift off my (very heavy) machine though ;D

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Awesome little cute creation. I would love to get to this level some day :)

Keep up the good work!


Thank you~
I'm really not a pro at this, so I can't give some good, deep, thought-provoking artistic advice XD

Awesome character design, really well done. All the best for the competition. I personally struggle with speed too but its not worth stressing about, speed comes with time, what's important is creating good quality work like you have done here.