Turning Teddy Into a Game-Ready Character + An Announcement

9개월 전


Once again, Teddy the Warrior of Sun make an appearance in my posts. But this time, it’s not about the contest anymore, it’s about turning Teddy into a game-ready character!

A game-ready character is a character—an asset—that’s prepared for game and/or animation production, which is the next step in (or is it after?) 3d production pipeline. At this point, the character can now be brought to live even more rather than simply changing poses and being rendered as a still image. But don’t expect that much in this post because that’s not what I do. Not for now, at least. I make characters, not animate them. 

Click the images for full-res...

Teddy, Warrior of Sun

In the previous post, Teddy had some unapplied modifiers and more polygons than needed, therefore he was not game-ready. That doesn’t mean it was bad, being game-ready was not needed for this character because I only used him for one-time render. But now he is optimized! 

 …I hope. I told you this was my first time. 

What you're seeing here is the model posing so bravely to the camera, the uv maps on the left, and the poly-counts. I learnt a lot of neat tricks working on this. Such as baking normal map from multiple objects, polygons-cleaning, making turn-table animations in more than one way, moving the diffuse colour to another uv map without ruining the paint job, etc. 

More poses for fun

As this was my first time turning my character into a game-ready character, there are a handful of flaws here and there. But, as usual, I'm not going to go back and fix them. Instead, I will move on to the next character and try not to repeat the mistakes. That's my way of improving myself. 

This is a personal project, one that’s good to throw in to my portfolio. It may not be that amazing but I’m proud I can make it this far in less than a year as a self-taught artist. Although I keep making mistakes, I can also feel the improvements in each creation and it motivates me to trample all the doubts in style and keep learning until I get better than I was in the previous project! (●≧ω≦)9 

I realized that the need to watch video tutorials on YouTube is decreased quite a lot as I get better at 3d modeling and sculpting. Instead, what I’m looking for now is more of advice videos, quick tips and tricks, and timelapses. I learnt the basics, now I’m mastering it. 

Despite the flaws, I'm quite satisfied with this character and I hope you like it, Steemians! If you have any question, criticism, advice, or simply appreciating my work, let me know in the comment section below.
A little note: I typed all the 3d-modeling-related terms in bold for non-3d artist readers. If you have any questions, ask away! 

I nervously yet happily announce that I am now open for commission! I make 3d rendered stylized character portraits. If you want an icon, a portrait, a wallpaper, etc, click the button below to see the terms and conditions.

If you’re interested, you can contact me on:
  • Discord : Rain#9999
  • Twitter  : @ProbablyRainite
  • Email     : careforacoffee@gmail.com  
Coming soon:
  • Combining Commissioned Characters
  • Stylized Game-Ready Weapons
  • Stylized Game-Ready Character
  • Stylized 3d Print-Ready Character


©2019 Adam Rainite Lawsone
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Once you know the basics of rigging, start using the one in Blender if you don't enjoy it, speeds things up immensely and is really easy to use XD I recommend learning at least (which you seem to know how already) because it's useful if you need to modify it.

Teddy's looking great! Youngest child approves, he wanted to have a look when I was scrolling through :)


I am using riggify addon in Blender, but I haven't tried the driver thingy that you told me about. It's not the rigging that's a problem, really, it's the weight painting that's giving me a headache...

It's the second time your kid like my 3d model, I'm so happy for that XD Thank you so much! ^^


If you’re using the rigs that come with blender the drivers are in them. Are you generating the rigs?

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What I always do is...

  1. Add > Armature > Human metarig. Then I have the pre-made human rig, complete to the facial features as well. There are animals rig too.
  2. Adjust the bones to the character.
  3. Parent the character to the rig and choose > With automatic weight
  4. Do some weight paint cleaning

Am I doing this wrong? Or rigging and weight painting really are the testaments to your patience? ._.


After 2 you need to:


Then make sure to select the generated rig, then do 3 and 4.

You can delete the metarig or move it to another...whatever they're doing for layers now.

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owo thank you ocd~

A masterpiece


Flawed, but thanks for that ^^


That's just fun from me 😋. I like your work, it is at a very high level. And even if it is faulty your works are always impressive.

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