Xenomorph Trophy 3d Sculpture

8개월 전

Contest this, contest that, I keep joining more than one contests/challenges that my characters shaking their heads, even though they're not rigged yet. Not that I don't like it, but it's been keeping me from finishing my original characters. So not too long ago I thought I'd stop doing art contests for a while. Yeah, I thought that was a good idea...

...until this one contest on Creary gave me amnesia. Thanks, @creary.

There's this new contest idea founded by 2 people on Creary.net that's so interesting. Instead of choosing a theme each week/2 weeks/month and let artists do their best to create artworks based on the chosen theme, this new community called MOV (My Own Vision) make it fresh by having only 2 artists at a time to compete with each other each week. Here's my entry:

Xenomorph Trophy

Now, you probably wondering why xenomorph? And why a trophy based on its...corpse? Well, as the community's name suggest--which is actually the name of the challenge too--the participants will have 1 week to create their own vision of the opponent's artwork. Each participants can pick one of the opponent's artworks uploaded on their profile, then create their own version of that piece. 

My opponent picked my Jekyll & Hyde sculpture that I did for the #SculptJanuary19 challenge, and I picked this xenomorph artwork:

Image kindly permitted by Robinsharma for me to share in this blog post

My vision of this particular artwork is that the alien's body turned into a wall-mounted trophy. One that hunters usually have on their wall, you know? But usually it's animals head--bear, elk, boar, ex girlfriend--but in this case it suggests that the xenomorph was hunted, died, and turned into a trophy. 

This one was a bit difficult to sculpt because of the intricate details. Not because it's difficult to sculpt them, but it's more difficult to picture how the details look. I thought I knew exactly how a xenomorph look like, until a few minutes after I started sculpting. This was where references came in handy, although, they all look different too.

I also came up with a clay rendered version of the sculpture. The details can be seen clearer in this version.

As usual, I happily made this with Blendy 2.8 rendered in EEVEE. Can't wait for the new, revolutionary sculpting branch that's currently in development. 

Thank you for visiting, Steemian. If you have any question, criticism, or any thoughts, let me know in the comment section below. I'll see you guys in the next one.


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uwu oh c-squared...

Nice sculpt, @rainite! I like it a lot better before you skin him in black shininess though, cuz can see the details a lot better :D

Black version is of course more finished seeming and of course more aliens like though!!!


i have a creary somewhere....


I actually prefer the clay one too, all details can be seen more clearly. With the black one it's like spending a lot of time sculpting the details and then the black texture be like, "No. Nu-uh." XD

Thank you, Spodey! ^^


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Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!!

Woah this is amazing, best of luck in the competition! Off topic but I would suggest adding the palnet tag to your posts also, it's a general topic tribe and many of the CCC curators hold pal as well and we want to give artists as much rewards as possible!


Ah, okay. I'll start to use the tag on my next post then. Wasn't sure if I should use it, thanks for letting me know of that...

And thank you for the compliment! This one was a bit tricky to make so I'm glad you like it ^^

Ahh poor xenomorph :< Normally I'd say it might be a bit too shiny but seeing as the poor thing's been wall mounted it was probably varnished or something XD Maybe tone down the gloss a bit next time? How did you go in the contest?


It was kinda hard to decide because you know how xenomorph looks slimy and shiny, but I can't seem to make it shine just right :s

I'm not sure if I win or not, the "end of this round" announcement post didn't say anything about who win/lose, both participants receive the rewards. Still, it was fun. Fresh concept for a challenge (for me at least).

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Pffff man. Gorgeous! Love how you sculpted the teeth haha. You stylized the xeno super nice, the proportions are really yummy. Terrific work mate. Do you made retopo on this? Or just left it in highpoly sculpture mode?


Thanks ^^ Was a bit doubtful about the proportions because apparently this creature is more complex than it seems. Since this was only for one time render with no change of pose, I didn't retopo it because it was unnecessary, although, I think I could have done the texture better if I did, but oh well...


It looks super cool the texture as it is. Throughout history (XD) the xenomorph has been portrayed by lots of artists, so their proportions are always fluctuating because artists' styles I think. And yours friend, looks truly appealing and sexy to me.


Err sure, it's nice to see another 3d artist in here. I'll follow you. But just a little tip, most people don't like that asking to follow thing, so... it's probably best if we don't do that.