Lover, Friend and Emissary, Guiding Star and Luminary - Original Text by Ravenking

2개월 전

Lord draw me near to you, my heart calls to you dear!

The Lord Replies:

Draw near of your own step and pace, for why do you fear?
Do you not see? That which makes you afraid is my very drawing near?
I am the mountains that you meet, which you rather walk around.
I am the darkest entrance of the forest, a harsh silence in sound.
I am the fire in which you claim to burn, screaming, wailing, cursing.
I am the hammer strike which your protective covering is bursting.
I am the lightening striking into your mighty fortress , now a barren tower.
I am the striking of the clock, the second of death, his minute, his hour.
I am he by whom you are transformed into ever new dimensions of power.

I appear as the obstacles which forge your very almighty godly soul.
I am every ear listening, whether you speak a pile of shit or real truth and gold.
I am every tempting and blessing mouth from stranger to dear friend.
I am the sudden wall in the road, I am the distracting turn and bend.
I am he who whispers in your naive ear,
Testing your wisdom and whether you truly hear!

I am he whom you pray to in your fear, wishing, asking me to be near,
Yet your prayers seek only freedom from my presence that is frighteningly here!
You seek to run from the great mountains that I AM in your very own life.
You cry out and say to me, I wish not! I can not climb, it is too much strife.
I am the burning fire which you seek to drown in the lake of pity that you swim.
I am the demons in the night, haunting that false pride out of your stubborn skin.
I am every opponent and enemy challenging.
I am ever present, your prayers always answering
I am the challenge, the adversary.
I am the friend, lover and emissary.
I am the guiding star and luminary.
I am Mother&Father of all souls, each and every.
I am the Dark womb of painful recurring deaths and overflowing suffering,
Birthing everlasting living Life in the Light of my Love, my eternal offering.NewArt5.jpg

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