Night & Day in the Inner Worlds by RK (Original Acrylic on Wood)

2개월 전

Did this yesterday, a subconcious inner landscape, where night & day exist at the same time for the inner worlds are timeless.


I attempt to translate my private practice into the art that I createe, trying to share that which was integrated or experienced within myself in other dimensions than just mere words.

Mystic, Magician, Artist, Writer & Shahanshah.

“Shah Artin” the True King of Persia & A Son of Odin. Born from a womb of Zarathustrian Fire by transforming icy Icelandic Seed, birthing Einar the Einherjjar of Valhalla the Persian-Icelandic Warrior-King also known simply as the "Ravenking".

Also published "The End"
ISBN-10: 0464249503
ISBN-13: 978-0464249504

Private Website/Blog:
Spotify: Ravenking
Instagram: Catharsiopa

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