My First Drawing competition with my Younger brother #Drawing

4년 전

Hello all steemitianz !
i hope you all are fine.
Today i draw a Micky Mouse drawing
After some years.
I am not a professional in drawing but i try my best.

My Drawing :

My brother's drawing :


How to make :

Material required

  • Drawing pencil
  • marker colours
  • Sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Pencil colour (Not compulsory)

Make sketch

![IMG20180105131811.jpg]() ![IMG20180105133317.jpg](

Then i though i should use marker colors


i hope you might like it So dont Forget to upvote and Follow @raza786

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Hai friend nice pic


Thank u

this is quite nice

This is really nice
Thumbs up

Very nice, it is good that they share the achievements and goals of your family and continue like this and you will see that everything will turn out very well with the favor of God. Congratulations

Upvoted your posts. Please do the same. Thank you for sharing.

good stuff!

That’s pretty good and better than your brothers although I’m sure he will get better with time and practice. I saw that you followed me today which I thought was a coincidence as today I bought something which was manufactured in Pakistan from a shop here is Oamaru, New Zealand. Well done my friend

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So beautiful!

Very nice raza... Hope you like my art too 💟😊

Handsome dude

nice creativity keep it up

Awesome! Keep going :)

So Cute~~

Good kreativity