Chickenosaurus (WIP)

3년 전

Gallus gallus domesticus Theropoda!

Working On The Feather/Scales

I still have a ton of work to do on the little girl and her basket. This piece is still a work in progress.

I spent the last week writing and researching for my other posts and didn't have much time to work on my art. Plus I was stuck on exactly where I wanted to take the scales. Scientist have found dinosaurs with feathers and scales, and I thought I would make the body of the Chickenosauras all scales and feather out the neck and tail.

However the part of the mind that doesn't use words was in full-out rebellion, so I was stuck. Yesterday I spent the day outlining and shading the body scales and feathers. Thinking to myself, "just sit down and do it." Which is how I usually push my way through creative blocks, finally today I had the brilliant thought, "Why not make feathered scales? I started feathering out the scales with Zinc white gouache mixed with my watercolors, and my non-verbal mind was happy!

Problem solved, I ran into my husband's "man-cave and told him my creative insight." My beloved husband said, "Yeah I could have told you that!" I need to talk to him more; he is fun to bounce frustrations and insights off of when I am researching my Dhamma articles. Now I am going to start using him for my idea board for my art projects.

We are going on 16 years of living together, and I am still getting to know the guy. I still love him as much as I did when I first met him, but even more in subtle ways one only gets to know when living with someone for a long time."

18 x 24inch pen and ink, watercolor and gouache

This coming week I am going to focus on finishing up this painting, and I have a ton of yard and garden work to do before the HOT Oklahoma summer hits us.

How birds evolved from dinosaurs.n the 1990s, an influx of new dinosaur fossils from China revealed a feathery surprise. Though many of these fossils lacked wings, they had a panoply of plumage, from fuzzy bristles to fully articulated quills. The discovery of these new intermediary species, which filled in the spotty fossil record, triggered a change in how paleontologists conceived of the dinosaur-to-bird transition. Feathers once thought unique to birds, must have evolved in dinosaurs long before birds developed. The dinosaur and the gravity paradox.

Prisma color pencil on mixed media paper, 2014

    Can We Grow A Chicken As Big As A Dinosaur?

  • WIP One
  • WIP Two
  • WIP Three
  • WIP Four
  • WIP Five

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      My dear friend, this artwork is amazing as always! With your bus life I know it's hard to draw a lot! But you are making remarkable artworks when you got free time!


      Wow , I must commend your creativity on this one , this is amazing. I must say you’re lucky to have such a wonderful partner, a second half and a soul mate. I wish you guys the best in life.

      Scientist have found dinosaurs with feathers and scales, and I thought I would make the body of the Chickenosauras all scales and feather out the neck and tail.

      Wow, I haven’t heard this prior now. This is an awesome discovery, we get to discover things of the habitants of this earth before us. Way so cool

      About the other day , I told you I’d get you on discord, I sent a text but I guess to the wrong person. I’m gonna try again


      I knew some dinosaurs have feathers but I didn't know the great big T-Rex sported feathers...that's amazing.

      I get on discord once in a blue-moon, you probably sent the message to the right person, I don't get notices ...I will go check!

      Your art is as beautiful as your beautiful thoughts. I remember previous time you wrote about Buddhism and true meditation. Today I think the great art is the reflection of your meditation. You have nicely draw it with mixing the sweetness of your mind. I highly appreciate your great creativity. ♥


      Yeah, she really likes art and have devoted much of her time in making art and passing messages across through art. Her name tell more about her love for art "Red dust art "She is beautiful with a beautiful mind

      Thanks @msena for the great comment


      Hahaha (hugs)


      Thank you @msena, you are so kind and your thoughtful message uplifts my heart today. <3


      Thank you @reddust. I'm very pleased as you always share some motivated content.

      I'm very happy to know that you get support from someone who so close to your heart. It's good and it gives someone Courage when get support from our loved ones.
      So happy to see work in progress on chickennosarous, well done and thanks for keeping us updated.
      You have done a great work so far.

      Thanks for sharing @reddust


      My husband is very supportive, it is hard to live with a creative personality like mine. I get very sensative when I paint and write...hahahaha

      I am going to use a bad word, I grew up on a farm in Oregon everyone cursed, Buddhism has helped me calm that habit down but I still curse on occasion, you can call me a hillbilly, ...when I researching/writing or working on my art I can be a BITCH...HAHAHA <3



      Good to know that, you are very lucky to have him and He is lucky to have amazing and hard working woman like you.
      So you also like farming? Am into farming also.


      We are helping family right here in Oklahoma. Once the family dosen't need us we will move back to Oregon and start up our little hobby farm again. I can grow enough food gardening and selling the chickens I raise to feed us year round.

      We are retired, so there is no need to farm for a living.

      I grew up in a part of America that is on the West Coast, we have a lot of timber and farms. My family lived on a 45 acre hill farm located on the foothills of the Cascade Range...the main jobs were timber and farming......

      The Lumber-jacks, the men who cut huge trees for a living could turn the air blue with their cursing...hahaha

      Most of my community were hard working farmers, some of them were very polite while others had rough manners but all were good Christian people...

      The town near my farm was small only 1,200 people back in the 1960s


      That's amazing! 45acres of farm land is not a little,hope you still visiting the place? 1960s that's far back, the place would have developed now.
      In my country here especially in western side of the country, we have problems of land ownership which really affect the level of production.
      But still people are trying and thank God for the technology, tractors and other farm machinery have make agriculture more easier nowadays. I'm also into poultry.

      I find your feathered scales to be really nice.
      It makes the theropoda much more cohesive.
      (although that could be just because you finished painting the scales)

      I wasn't sure how you were going to go with the scales.
      I figured i would sit here and watch you put highlights on each one (making them shiny)


      I was thinking of making them like jewels, I love making things shiny but my creative mind had other ideas...thank you @builderofcastles!

      @reddust, Your Chickenosauras painting work very close to finishing. But need to spend lot of time for finish. But last times you spent much time for created another topics indeed post. Now I see more live looks both objects.

      Scientist have found dinosaurs with feathers and scales, and I thought I would make the body of the Chickenosauras all scales and feather out the neck and tail. found amazing thing. I have never know above content. What a remarkable detail found by you. I appreciate your combination work with lovely husband. It's great love story to hear me. Both you better understand each others. I'll wait to see final production.


      I should be able to finish this painting if I work on it at least 4 hours a day for the next five days...

      I know! We hardly know anything about's all guess work, putting fragments together like a quilt...the story about earth millions of years ago is just a big guess by educated well trained scientist..hahaha

      Your painting art really cool to eyes. Also non steemians never see these. My whole heart connect with this art and attractive. Fantastic creativity @reddust.


      I will show my work at art contests this summer @kingsberry. I sell some of my work as well...Steemit gives me enough rewards to buy art supplies and ...amazingly creative energy <3

      Wow, Awesome art 😃

      Hello, my hero I hope so that journey successful know that this excellent work very ask for lots and lots of misery I really appreciate effort great and surprisingly, I hope for the life of a family in the top of happiness and excellence the way Hello in my simple would be an honor a great for me


      Painting isn't fun all the time, it is like any discipline, you need to work long hours every day to become good. Thank you @faissalchahid...


      In any field of routine kills but try that you're with one of members of the family Dear to me you're happy so greetings

      "just sit down and do it" is the best way to overcome creative blocks I believe. And over that you have a wonderful companion, your husband, who seems like a wonderful guy. Congratulations for making it for such a long time. May the almighty Allah bless you two with eternal happiness 😊 your work is already amazing, and I'm sure it is going to be incredible when it's done, as you are an wonderful artist, I can say that just by glancing at your work. Don't forget to share with us when it's finished. Best of luck 😊


      That's the only way I have found to become good at anything and get over the creative JUST DO IT! No one else can do it for you ;-)

      Thank you for blessing us @tamurah. May you and your friends and family be happy and healthy.



      It's amazing in a word. You are a really great artist. The details in the picture are great. Especially color harmony, black and white balance and shadows are incredibly realistic. Congratulations @reddust


      Thank you @turkishcrew, I try and improve my skill with every piece, I never think about how good I am...I would rather just paint to see how far I can stretch and enjoy coming up with new ideas.

      No words explaining the expression of mine right now, i focused on the work more than the blog cause of the artistical work you made there, claps!


      Pleasure is mine to see such epic art

      You are so imaginative that you overcome all my expectations. This is awesome my honest friend.See you at the stars @reddust


      Thank you dear @dobartim and you and your family and Steemit School are in my prayers, may we all find success, health, and happiness. <3


      Thank you for your kind support and blessing.

      wow, it's amazing painting... your a very good painter


      Thank you kindly @mdnazmulhasan <3


      welcome. and wait your new post.

      Colorful...creative...imaginative...uplifting....well done @reddust. Thanks for sharing.


      This has been a fun piece @enjoywithtroy, except for the mental block, which is very frustrating..but it feels so good when the block is lifted...

      Water color combination nice to Kid and Chickenosaurus. I prefer to see these art work step by step finishing. Better using masterpiece. Glorious art and stunning more and more steemians.


      Working through a process, keeps the painting on track. I find being organized and developing discipline helps me finish my projects. Meditation has helped with developing discipline which can be applied to everything I do! But I had the ability to focus for long periods of time before meditation too...

      Thank you @templeflower.

      When you mix the creativity and the imagination the word became great.
      You are really talented .thanks for sharing!


      Thank you @anouar8, art is a fun way to feed the imagination and grow one's it is relaxing...kind like running is good for the body and relaxing. It may not be fun all the time, like when you can't figure out the technique or how to do something, but you feel great when you finish.

      Your art is nice ... you shared your art... step by step .... it’s really very good work ...this art is different.... and also it’s theme ... nice color combination... I like it ...


      It’s my pleasure..

      That is so cool! I'm going to show this to my friends! Thank you!

      wow...amazing art
      so beautiful... looking so nice

      upvote and resteem done

      going great ,this will be a masterpiece


      This has been a fun illustration, I have a nice little story to go along with it. When I post the finished piece I will include the story of "A Girl and Her Chicken." hahaha


      Wow!! I can't wait for the story of a chickennosarous and a girl @reddust


      haha not a bad name

      I love it, what a beautiful art!


      Great art just awesome art man

      You really are so amazing I love your work👏😍

      donno what to say more about this "I love to see" the imagination come reality. the detail is amazing @reddust. just little support i can give


      Cant wait for this lovely horse to be made ready.....really wanna ride on it😁
      Lovely drawing....looks much more better now thank for resteem....

      wow awesome post ........lovely art you are really best guys
      you are really lucky to have your husband in your life
      both of you are amazing always love to each other
      thanks for sharing this beautiful post with us19298881_467421793593092_3919076852085293056_n.gif

      খুবই সুন্দর,,মনে হচ্ছে যেন গোলাপের কলি ধীরে ধীর ফুল হয়ে ফুটে উঠছে,,,:-)

      Why not make feathered scales?

      Eureka! Not sure why, but the feathered scales remind me of an Egyptian headdress. Hmm....

      I love all the details in this piece. Every time I take a look I see something new.

      Amazing art talent you have and it's great to see it in an story telling way, and these are really unique to watch, so keep up this artistic and amazing work. And thanks for sharing your experience with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

      Have a good post and I prefer to see these art work step by step finishing. Better using masterpiece. Glorious art and stunning more and more steemians.

      wow this is so funny

      The chicken having a smoke with chorus line behind is hilarious, besides being well done.

      wowwwwww chikenourus is done wow Reddust 😍 thats very very beautiful Magic in your hands 😎

        ·  3년 전

      Beautiful work, I'm waiting for the complete version.
      I think it will be one of my favourites.

      lol how amazing, really great idea. I always imagined dinosaurs as being feathered like chickens and birds, because they look so much alike - apart from the size. With only skin, they always seem a bit naked to me.

      The theme of the paintings is French, isn't it? With Gauloises, the hen and the balloon...

      Man the Chickenosaurus is coming alive! I was wondering when was the next update going to be and I am so glad that you put it up here for our viewing.
      Oh and the back talons on the hind legs capture the spirit of aviary-reptile crossover perfectly - so another added thanks for that :-)

      Looking good! Man Cave, enough said :)

      the support of a close person whom we care about is very effective to give us progress, your image is more perfect, you say not fully done yet, but to me it is perfect

      wonderful art.......

      A very good work, very creative. I do not understand art but I can see it as a very good work.
      Continue to created @reddust

      Wow! What a creativity........
      Amazing your art & drawing.i already impresed your this is a great art. i think you are best artist on steemit.......
      Thanks for sharing your valuable post.......

      really very good painting just awesome. upvote and resteem done

      Beautiful art
      i think it's one of the best drawing

      Beautiful art

      Great art work....The previous design of Chickenosaurus was awesome .But now it looks more wonderful...Perfect sketching and nice concept....@reddust

      owww nice art, looks more realstic.thank you for sharing