Spirit Fox

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Changing and Adapting Strategies

I gave up using the Pigma Micron Ink pens for detail work and went with my black gel-pen for shadow work. I cross hatched areas with my black pen and went over the darker area with a white gel-pen, which blended the black into a light gray. I also used my white gel-pen to blend the darker colors because I wanted a pastel spread of colors rather than the darker primary and secondary colors. This lightening and graying of colors with white and black instead of using contrasting colors for shadow worked with the colors in my background. I wanted the color of the fox to be the same as the watercolors I used for my trees and shadows.

I didn't like the way my first rendition turned out using only watercolor. I first decided to go with Pigma Micron pens, but their nibs clog easily from watercolors, gouache, and gel-pens. I've decided to work with gel-pens and watercolor from now on and use my ink pens for strictly pen and ink work.

Native American Mythology

Achomawi Myth, A story about sixty spider-children and the Silver Gray Fox Creator.

The Silver Fox from the Native American tribes of Northern California was a kind creator god. The Apache and Blackfoot tribes tied the sun and fire to the fox who is said to have stolen fire to share with the people from Turtle Island. The Arapahos kit fox brought the spirit pipe ritual to the tribe. The Northern, Midwest, and Plains tribes, the fox was an animal spirit of the intellect and wisdom, which would help people solve problems, find what is lost, or teach the greedy and careless lessons to cure them of their ignorance and pride. The Quechua and Andean tribes found the fox spirit a greedy entity that was a trickster and a sign of bad things to come.

The fox is a common clan animal in Native American tribes, like the Creek whose fox clan is called Tsulagi or Culvlke. The Menominee and Hopie tribes use the fox skin in their dancing rituals and ceremonies. The Kitfox Society called the Swift Fox Warrior was and still is an essential tribal organization of the Blackfoot tribe.

23 x 15.5 inches, Gel-Pens, Micron Ink Pens, Watercolor, and Gouache

Made In India Handmade Cotton Paper Cold Press Rough 300lbs

I decided to use only gel-pens over watercolor, gouache, and micron permanent ink pens Gelly Roll gel-pens.

I've been using Winsor & Newton Watercolor, Gouache, and Paint brushes for over 30 years. I've tried other company's products and W&N is my favorite.

The only negative I can think of about Pigma Ink pens is the nib plugs easily. I can get around that easily using the brush tip ink pen which covers a large area with color and if you have a steady hand can be used for line and detail work. I prefer to use the hard nib for detail because my hand isn't that steady. Pigma Micron Permanent Ink Pens.

Spirit Fox 1
Spirit Fox 2

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I am amazed to know you care for each and every detail. Like differentiating black and white gel pens, it shows how big artist you are. That is why the end result of your art is marvelous. Keep it up! :)


@aamirijaz, I love creating, my new projects get me out of my bed in the morning and challenge me to grow everyday. Thank you for supporting my art <3

He is a colourful little guy. :)


Thank you @karenb54, how is your garden growing, it's late summer and cooling off over there in the UK?


Seems we were paying each other a visit at the same time :)


@karenb54, our pictures brightened my spirit, seems like we both like color!3


I would love to have your fox visit my garden, he would certainly cheer my day up :)

What a beautiful and delicate job! every detail is appreciated, for me you achieved the objective

The fox is matching with me Dp, Wonderful work miss.


Yes @sneakin, looks like you both have gotten into the magic mushroom patch growing in my cow pasture...hahaha

over 30 years is a long period of time, it tell us how dedicated you are with your work!


I'm almost 60 years old so it's been more than 30 years, I think I bought my first brushes when I was 25 years old, boy time passes quickly...hahaha

Good strategy my dear @reddust and you are choosen wonderful colors
Keep going


Thank you @askmee, trial and error are my teachers.

Ohhhh wao wonderful art,Very interesting history,Combinations of colours are so perfect,Water colours use so beautifully,Very impressive painting,Little fox looks so beautiful,very great work,thanks for sharing,


Thank you @asadchughtai, I didn't intend this piece to be mixed media but that's how some projects go when they don't turn out the way I see the picture in my mind's eye.

Something BS happened to me! I didn't see your posts on my Feed! So missed yesterday post and also today one and just though to check your profile coz I didn't see new update since last week!
This fox looks so colorful! Day before yesterday night I saw a fox in real life and I remembered this artwork at that time too!


That is pretty amazing, color added to anything always makes it seem to real and sort of adds feeling to the work.

A Little beautiful and colorful fox.

absolutely wonderful ! ^_^ kro5v5agy9.png


thank you

what a creativity in art!!!!!!!!!!! lol

The cat has painted a lot beautiful.The fox is walking through the trees.Truly many beautiful thoughts.

You are intelligent artist.Environment pollution is harmful to health.Tree plantation protects us from disease.So tree planting very useful.I also love planting

Aw, I love this. I hope all is well with you :)

its pretty good and colorful. is that drawn with dry paint ?

That would be powerful gel pen drawing work. You're really great painter in this platform. I love this fox stylish paint. It was hard work and need to be patience for success finish.

These are cool and sleek =)

I really liked your summary of Native American mythology with respect to the fox. I liked more that you referred to South American Native mythology, something that it is not done too often in North America and that I know how to appreciate (because I am South American).

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Truly beautiful

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What a painting of a fox. Good colors combination in it . You done great work .

I always knew that the fox had wisdom and intelligence but it is interesting to learn that the fox is a good spirit. I grew up in Tama County with the Meskwaki Indians who are basically Sac & Fox tribe. The Meskwaki are gifted business people as they own their own land and our settlement rather than a reservation. I truly enjoy the artwork you did on me the fox. Thanks @reddust

Those fox more beautiful with nice color selection @reddust. I haven't surprise with your skills. You every time selected extra ordinary selections. Great work again.

Your work is really so amazing. I also love how all the colors look. You are great and very talented For me, everything is so complicated. How is your Health

Very cute~

Well now it is looking much more vibrant and elegant I must say :)

While glad to see you back seems like you do take breaks to get in here :)

How is everything going with your health ?

Your fox is amazing !!!

Your process is interesting and your final art-piece is spectacular. Well done. I think I might try your technique myself when I can afford the supplies.

Bro whats An Amazing Art Really So Great I Love Your Paintings.Very great Good Job.

Hermoso dibujo

Really amazing piece of art!... Great content!

I like your drawing.

Wow gran talento sigue así son unos dibujos muy lindos y coloridos que sorprende mucho y ese es un increíble talento!!

Me encanta

Continue to do work like these @reddust if that is your passion and share it to the community.

Now its look so cute and you have definitely make impression on it, drawing with gel pen.