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African Foxes and Pink Flamingos

Work In Progress Report

11 x 14inches, black art paper and Gel-Pens

This picture's idea was taken from a photograph I saw in National Geographic Magazine. Somewhere on the outskirts of an unknown African city, the silhouette of two foxes were caught along with the bright lights of the city. I took the idea, and I have been working on translating what I saw into a picture.

I want to continue using my gel-pens and the time I've been offline besides spending more time with family and exercises I've been gathering ideas for painting and drawing projects. When using black paper many of the gel-pen's ink is too dark and blends into the black paper. I have to outline and fill in with white if I want my darker colors to shine.

I have several layers and details to fill before I finish, thankfully drawings go fast, while my paintings are painfully slow. I decided to work on several projects and easy one that is fun, like to fox drawing and difficult ones that challenge my skill level.

I still have several layers of paint to apply to my "Pink Flamingo painting before it's done. The blending and detail work is tedious and boring, but I love the challenge! Working on paintings like this remind me of long meditation retreats or long distance runs. One has to be able to let go of feelings and thoughts of doubt that cross the mind like birds one sees flying through the sky and continue on with the work.

I will be working on a series of wildlife watercolor paintings that will look nice hanging in someone's living room or den. The flamingo painting is a challenge because I have problems painting water, the photo I found this idea the water surrounding the flamingos was a pink color rather than the flamingos.

22x 30 inches cold press 300lb cotton paper, watercolor and gouache

I framed this Messi piece for a birthday present to my husband, the picture is hanging in his man-cave. He loves Lionel Messi, I hope Messi's broken arm heals quickly! We were watching his last game a couple days ago and saw Messi go down when he got up I knew he broke something, he had that look on his face that I've had when I broke bones, "I'm going to puke," look!

Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini, 22 x 30 inches, cold press 300lb watercolor paper, and watercolor.

I will also be working on a series of sport watercolor paintings, my next picture will be of my childhood soccer hero Pelé, whose real name is Edson Arantes do Nascimento

I grew up watching Pelé and was always awestruck over his speed and agility.

Since I started earning cryptocurrency on Steemit I've shopped at, which takes all sorts of cryptocurrency, they don't take SBD or Steem, I use BTC. Sometimes does not have the art supplies I "need," or they are overpriced, and I found Blick Art Store has wonderful prices. Instead of twenty to thirty dollars for a 22 x 30 300lb single sheet of hot press paper I found watercolor paperBlick Art Supplies are competitively priced at $15-something, and the site is easy to navigate. Added plus the company has a social media site for its artists.

My favorite watercolor paper to work with is hot press 300lb, cotton paper, which takes a beating regarding scrubbing and repeated washes but also gives me the fine detail I love. The paper's surface is smooth and does not bleed out when applying colors to its dry surface.

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I like that Pink Flamingos artwork! It's more near to reality! Wonderful and amazing effort you have put on them! Hope to see the final out come as well!


You do like those gel pens and do well with them. Yes now with Steem being on Net Coins hopefully more places will start taking them. Wonderful artistry my dear friend @reddust.


The global stock markets and housing markets are collapsing, it may be time for cryptocurrensies to come into play. I should really stop reading Zerohedge, their articles are scary....everyone should be storing some food, water, and bullets right now.

The Gel-pens are fun, like playing, hardly any work, mostly all play <3

Wow, what an amazing collection of painting, First i would love to talk about the messi, I just him, Whenever i see him playing, it gives me unknown happiness, and Today, your painting is a source of happiness for me. It doesn't mean i don't like the first painting, I just love the way you draw the wolf and also the ducks and their shadow in the water.


@abdulmanan, I know and love my husband and men friends, it's okay if you get happy over your sports heroes, I can enjoy your happiness, plus I enjoy painting handsome men ;-)

I don't like sports that much, but I do love the beautiful form of men in action <3

Messi is looking awesome. It's the best birthday presentation for anyone and you gift it to your husband that's really great. Your brilliant creativity really impressed me.


My husband loves the painting and hopefully I can sell some at our local Tulsa city galleries, I will be entering some of my work in next years painting competitions as well.

Great have you again making art, past weeks you shared time with family and exercising you. Regards


My art never stops @dim753, I have ideas floating around my mind like clouds 24/7, the only time I shut down my creative stream is to go away on a meditation retreat.....lolol

Beautiful, they are simple but the details make them unique and ingenious.


Thank you kindly @moniristi <3

Wonderful Painting, I liked the flamingos painting the most. My younger brother is also practicing painting. I will show you some of his work. He is currently making textures and calligraphy.


I hope the painting turns out @aamirijaz, when I challenge my art skill-sets sometimes the work looks like crap, that is when I have a hard time finishing the project. I am making a vow to finish everything I start with the new series I am starting.

I can't wait to see your young brother's work <3

Wooow.... Lovely art..lovely post . My dear lovely friend @reddust you


Thank you @maniroy, much love to you and your family <3

Lots of hard work has been put into this art to make it come alive. Keep it up.👍


@shihabieee, you are right, lots of hard work and sometimes I wonder why I like to create art, it can be boring and painful sitting for hours working on a piece. Maybe I like the feeling of accomplishment when I finish a piece, I feel the same way when I finish things that are challenging or difficult as well.

I really love "Lionel Andrés Messi" art. It shows that he has Super Duper Power on his legs XD


Messi is amazing, he has overcome many challenges in his life and has stayed humble, grounded, a good family man, an asset to his team and community. Thank you @calprut.

Hey @reddust. Great project. I know you didn't stand idle when you didn't write the article. Congrats


@turkishcrew I have a problem being still, that's why I go to meditation retreats to help quiet my mind. I haven't been to a retreat in a couple years, I really need to give my mind a rest...hahaha <3

It alwalys give pleasant when work and passion will be dedicated for your husband birthday, hope wip will be complete in a short time.

what a creativity in art!!!!!!!!!!!! are you a messi fan???? that would be great ..... i am also messi lover

You really have a good talent in painting artistic images @reddust
Can you do some oil painting?

Wao what a wondetful paintings.Great idea.Very impressive combinations of colours.Great foxes.Great idea from national geographic.And your secound painting this is very amazing painting.Very interesting art.Very beautiful ducks in the water.Very great combinations of colours.Border of this painting dark blue looks so impressive.You are a wonderful artist.I love football.Football is my favourite sports.Very valuable gift from your hubby.Football is very interesting game.Thanks for sharing dear @reddust.

Is your art been sold right now?

your work looks wonderful, it makes me so happy to check in on your blog!

very very nice art i ilke it
great post

You are a great painting artist . All paintings are very good .

Wonderful.. Good job!
Very good art it's totally amazing. First time i saw this type of creativity. I appreciate it..@reddust.

I am very happy to see your picture again @reddust, I am also very rarely able to act in steemit, ever since I was gardening and with the presence of a small baby we all confiscated our act, ha ha ha
but whenever I have time I always see you my friend ,,


I see that you love soccer, maybe we can talk about it one day! I have not seen you in a while and I have missed you.

Hi @reddust, I dont really care how long this post has been on steemit, but i think it has been awhile for me since the last time I visited you. and it is to say hello to you and your art work. Last time i came looking at your "chickenosourus" painting. Wish you all the best. btw...How is you little zebra (finch bird) doing?

All your work is so amazing. I am so happy to see you again in steemit. I thought something had happened to you

You need somewhere to showcase all the work you've done on steemit over the last couple of years mate. The Messi one is one of my faves. Greets, hope all is good :)