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I am adding my last layer of hair. I will finish up by defining the flower details.

Mouse On A Leek flower-2

Mouse On A Leek Flower-1

Betty Crocker French Bread Recipe

I'm learning how to make French Bread. The recipe posted above is easy to follow. However, I am having problems shaping the bread after letting the bread rest in my refrigerator for 8 hours. One time I took the bread out and let it rest for an hour before baking and forgot about it for the night. The next morning the bread loaves were flat. I reshaped the dough, let the dough rest for 30 minutes, and it tasted even better, but the loaves looked funky. Eventually, I will make perfect loaves. The extra time fermenting makes the bread tasty and sour. I've been baking a couple loaves every other day. I love the chewy sour taste.

The background noise you hear in my video is my dishwasher. You can see the fermentation process, little bubbles coming up from bacteria. I used whey to give an extra kick start to fermentation from my active culture yogurt. The mix includes garlic, ginger, salt, carrots, cabbage, and mung bean sprouts. If you want the recipe ask, I made it up...hahaha

I used olive oil to top off my mix, which inhibits mold growth. Mold hates olive oil!

I mix up a bunch of veggies in a large pan with 1/4 cup of salt, mixing roughly with my hands bruising the veggies. I place a plate over the mix and let sit for 24 hours. I rinse off the salt and add the diced ginger and garlic, mix well and stuff into quart jars. I let the mix sit for a couple days in a dark warm cupboard and put the mix in the refrigerator.

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Your mousy is coming along splendidly.
I feel you can go much darker around the flower to get more depth from the background.
I also feel this painting is going to need a frame. The blue tape just isn't doing it for me. :-p

On forming bread...
what you do is stretch out the outer edge, the gluten makes the surface like a rubbery sheet.
You use this spring to create the uniform size.
You put the non stretched side down.

so, you have your two hands, together at the wrist, your thumbs pointing forward, you thumb pads wresting on the bread, the fingers are like half way around the loaf. You then stretch the bread around. Stretching the outer surface, poking it in at the bottom with your fingers.


Thank you @builderofcastles, I will darken up the background around the flower and mouse to make the subject stand out, good call, I will try your technique and publish the results the next time I make some french bread ;-)

Wao your paintings looks so wonderful. I also like to eat french bread. It is to much tasty. My break fast is bread and half free egg. I think its best break fast for your good health. Glad to see this you are good chief. Thanks for sharing @reddust this easy and yummy recipe.


I have an easier time digesting french bread, it must be because it's fermented. I use fermented veggies to boost my digestive and immune system. Thank you @asadchughtai.

This food looks interesting and appetizing. I also like vegetables in pickles, it is a similar form :D


I love fermented cucumbers, I will be fermenting jars full this coming fall, hopefully the cucumbers will come from my garden @inspiracion.

The art is lovely and the French bread yummi, you made really cool and lovely pics of both

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Thank you @noemilunastorta, the hobbies keep me sane in an insane world...hahaha

Olive oil is a very healthy fat. This is the most produced oil in my country. The food you prepared in the jar looks delicious. Congrats @reddust


I have an easy time digesting olive oil, it's my favorite oil to use mixing fresh veggies for salads. I use a little apple vinegar and some spices mixed with olive oil.

All this looks so delicious. I want the bread


The bread cut in half, add some cheese and toast taste like heaven @denissemata, I serve the bread with soup and then follow up with our dinners main course. Thank you sweetie <3


All that would be so delicious.

Omg haha, you forgot about the bread. I would have been pissed the following morning, and a little nervous that it might have gone bad. Glad it tasted alright thou. The more practice you have making it, the better you will get. It just takes some time, i believe you will perfect it in no time if you keep at it! Very beautiful art work btw. One of the best i've seen so far in a cool minute.


I had a good laugh at my forgetfulness as well @midgeteg...hahaha, that's so me! Usually I improve and I am not giving up, thank you so much for your support.

The mouse is fantastic and I love the French Bread, even if I never tried to cook it ^_^ Bon Appétit!


Thank you kindly @silviabenforti, the french bread recipe is easy to mix up but forming the loaves is a challenge for me. If anyone can give me tips reading my replies, I am open to advice.

Nice to see you after my absence. <3

First I like that art and the bread! Seems yummy and definitely it might be yummy!


Looks very tasty and delicious. Painting and cooking both offer an artistry. Between painting cooking and Home Improvements you've been very busy. Thanks for sharing. @reddust

I wish that I could also bake a French bread, it one of my favorite bread type because of its texture.
Fermented vegetables is good to eat because it gives us not only nutrition but also good bacteria for our good digestion @reddust

Delicious French Bread. You make me hungry. But thanks a lot for sharing the beautiful recipe.

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how are you, my friend, it's been a long time since we greet each other, I've been very busy all this time, is this all the kitchen pictures of your house, friend?