Mouse On A Leek Flower

2년 전

Watercolor and Gouache

I am on my fourth layer of paint, the fourth layer usually consists of details. The first layer is the base color, the second layer is giving some mass using shadow and contrasting colors. Now it's time for adding hair to the mouse and details to the leek blossom.

Owning A House Is An Adventure!

The week is almost over, and I almost have our master bathroom back. We had a sudden release of water, which soaked the bathroom vanity cabinets and the water leaked through the wall soaking our master-bedroom carpet. Thank goodness for house insurance, all the mess was covered by insurance. I will be writing up a blog about the whole experience this weekend. I meet some really cool people and want to praise their professionalism and ingenuity. I found my plumber through Home Adviser website. The plumber didn't work out, but the restoration crew is fantastic, a bunch of cool retired firemen who clean up houses that have been wrecked by natural causes like tornados or plumbing leaks. The restoration crew has a vast network of tradespeople with all kinds of skills. I've got a ton of pictures and some funny stories learning new Oklahoma colloquialisms.

4th layer of paint

15 x 11 inches, watercolor and gouache, 300lb hot-press cotton paper

3rd layer of paint

2nd layer of paint

1st layer of paint

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@reddust, For sure this art piece is reflecting the detailed essence and it's reflecting as i am watching this creature in Garden. Stay blessed. 🙂


Thank you kindly @chireerocks, field mice are so much nicer than house mice...hahaha

Blessings to you and yours.


Welcome and thank you so much for your kind words. Have a blessed time ahead. 🙂

Excellent drawing mam @reddust. Looks like the mouse is on the top and try to jumb on land. Really it's a big creativity. I eagerly waiting for your next drawing magic.


@msena, I think the mouse is checking out the garden landscape, looking for the row beans and peas ;-)

Very nice I think the mouse even likes it. It sounds like you're having your share of home repairs. Interesting hearing your story it reminds me of the basement fire at Mom's house. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work @reddust. PS nice to see it back


ires are no fun at all, I pray we never have one, I hope no one was hurt in your Mom's basement fire. I can imagine the smell that must have permeated the whole house @enjoywithtroy. Our bathroom turned out great but unfortunately, the leak happened just before Christmas, and it's taken almost a month to finish it because of everyone in Oklahoma kind of checks out for rest and merriment with friends and family from December through February...sigh

Lovely and creative painting it shows that you are talented and artistic in your design @reddust


Thank you @obest, I think talent comes from the need to create and practice and if I can step out of the way and let creativity flow paintings almost create themselves. It is a lot of hard work through, no fun, kind of like running a long race, the fun is in finishing and stepping out of the way is hard, the thought form of self is a deep habit ...hehehe

Wao glad to see you. Really perfect work. All paintings looks so wonderful. You are great artist. What a perfect combination of colours. Thanks for sharing this great post. I m glad to see your paintings.


@asadchughtai, your compliments are so lovely and soothing when my work doesn't turn out the way I imagine it should, thank you,! Painting, creating art is kind of like having a baby, conception is fun, gestation isn't fun at all, so uncomfortable and tedious, giving birth is a relief....hahah

Perfect as always, But the leek flower will hurt the mouse :(


@abdulmanan, the leek flower is soft, I grow leeks, plus mice are super tough. lololol

Well yes working in layers always give you an extra edge to work more precisely and perfectly, you are doing a great job @reddust


Thank you @faizan-ashraf, I like to work in layers, it helps me stay organized and not get lost in the details.

4th layer of paint is look like 3d!wow


I love the last part of my paintings, it's like adding icing to a cake as @denissemata would know, she is a Master of desserts, especially icing cakes. Thank you @jahangirwifii.

I admire you so much. Your work is wonderful. It's amazing what you can do with your hands


I admire you as well @denissemata, I guess we have a mutual admiration going on, I need to stop by your blog to see what wonderful desserts you have whipped up.


Thanks dear @reddust It's wonderful that you're back here and see your work. I have made some beautiful cakes and every day I work to improve and make beautiful cakes.