Mouse On A Leek Flower - Finished

2년 전

Finding Peace In Creating Art

15 x 11 inches, watercolor and gouache, 300lb hot-press cotton paper

Mouse On A Leek flower-3

Mouse On A Leek flower-2

Mouse On A Leek Flower-1

These last days have been hectic, full of work on the house, organizing strategies for Scotfest (2019), and keeping up on my writing and artwork plus posting on Steemit. I failed my posting on Steemit, I am working on establishing new habit patterns in this new environment, and it has been a challenge.

Today I sat down and finished up the outer layers of the flowers and hairs on the mouse using violet for the flower, cobalt blue, burnt sienna, and Paynes gray for the hair colors. I did outline the mouse and flower using a reddish color and used the cobalt blue for the outline hairs on the mouse. I think the colors pop when put next to each other when combined with the green background. Red and green are complementary colors, and blue and orange are complementary colors.

My next post will be about my new backyard and my plans for a greenhouse and garden. Hopefully, I can write an outline and post the story tomorrow without getting distracted.

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I was right, the picture looks so much better without the blue border :-p

The depth is much better now.

And with all the work on the mousy, i'm sure it will come to life.


@builderofcastles, your suggestions are always great. The blue border was tape to hold the paper in place and keep the border clean. Mice are so cool when they are in their natural environment. Not so cool when living on all the crap we humans leave laying around. Like us they do not do well living on juke food and in a toxic environment ;-)

Each time I see that mouse it gets so much better! I love the cool effect on that drawing, making the middle flower pop!
Awesome post, Can't wait for the backyard post.


Thank you @midgeteg, now the painting is done, I am so happy I finially finished it! I can't wait until my backyard is finished :p

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Thank you @esteemapp, it's nice dumping my stupid cookie filled browser ;-)

Very pretty and an expression of love in your mouse art. I look forward to your backyard and greenhouse. Both project I would find intriguing and rewarding.Good to see you my friend Blessings to you @reddust.

@reddust, After long time I connected with you again. These days I most involved with Dtube and promote #Steem hash tag on Twitter. So probably I missed your popular posts. Ordinary the mouse very speed for take their aim. So they excited. I looked those mouse has excite look and seemed from his eye. Absolutely brilliant final part of Mouse On A Leek Flower. I Tweeted your post.


@madushanka, I hope Dtube is doing well and you and your family are healthy and happy! So nice to connect with you again, an ordinary mouse is quiet and lives within his/her means. He/she is meek but survives no matter what is going on. I want to be like a mouse quiet but resilient...hahah

You know I enjoy details just like the little mouse <3

Your drawing and painting looks really colorful and distinct, you are creative and artistic with the mixtures of the color you used for the painting. Great work of art @reddust


@obest, you can tell I like colors right? hahaha...... especially primary colors and contrasting colors, thank you.

Wao really best and perfect art. Your wotk always valuable. Very interesting combinations of colours. 3 mouse arts all arts are very beautiful. You are talented lady. Mouse looks so innocent and cute. Greenish background is to much impressive. I always waiting for your next valuable post. Thanks for sharing. @reddust.


@asadchughtai, I love the combination of purples and greens, thank you so much, you are too kind <3

When you do a lot of things sometimes it is difficult to maintain a pattern to publish. but with a little effort you can do it.
The mouse painting is very beautiful. :D


I need strong determination, I have lost the discipline @inspiracion, I have to block out some time just for writing on Steemit. I did it before, and I can do it again, thank you for your support.


Of course you can. Sometimes I find it hard to maintain a pattern, but determination helps. Have a lot of success. I think you have a lot of good things to share. ;-)

Seems you are totally busy with your new house and the back yard! But it's great to see that you could find a time to finish this amazing artwork! Yeah that mouse is near to be alive! That's why I have used that word amazing! Finally I am looking forward to read your next article about the backyard!


The mouse on a leek goes round and round! Very unique artwork!


@coininstant, there is some motion there, I didn't notice, you have good eyes!

Perfect, it could not be better. i really like your work.

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You are absolutely right that we find our peace and enjoy to create an beautiful art. I always appreciate your beautiful creativity and eagerly waiting for your next article about your gardening adventure.

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Beautiful to see you art looking so incredible wonderful

Hello dear,
How are you?
Your posts are always a lot of fun and fun. Your post was really great. In this post, the mouse you represent is a great talent on flower.

It is weird to close your eyes and open them to see this image makes you feel peace in the heart