Riding A Wild Horse

2년 전

Riding A Horse

Is Like Drawing A Horse

You Must Stay Aware

Because You Never Know When You Will Fall Off!

I grew up on a Morgan Horse farm in the 1960s, and I have been drawing horses since I could hold a pencil.

My Mom Bought 45 acres on the foothills of the Mt Hood Range near Estacada Oregon. Our little farm was mostly hilly pasture, a creek, and several acres of old Douglas Fir and Red Cedar which butted up next to the Eagle Creek Wilderness Area that was thousands of acres of wild and sometimes deadly wilderness. I would play in those woods without fear, not knowing that if I strayed away from the path, I could get lost in a wilderness full of bears, cougars, coyotes, and maybe Big Foot!

I never did get lost, I knew which way was home because I never strayed past Delph Creek which ran through the back-end of our property. Plus I always had my horse Pixie with me, and she knew which way home was if I did get lost.

My Mom's horses, (we usually had 6 to 8 mares with foals and a breeding stud) took to me like I was one of their own foals. I started riding horses when I was five years old when my Mom put my horse on a lunge line and set me on her bare back. I had to learn how to ride without holding onto my horses mane. I fell off a few times, I was put right back on the horse, eventually I found my seat and spent most of my childhood riding my horse using a piece of bailing twine for a bridle and riding bareback.

Yeah, I grew up wild and free when I was away from humans, which scared the heck out of me. So I spent most of my childhood in the woods hiking, exploring, and hanging out with my horse friends.

15 x 11.5 Watercolor and Colored Pencil on 300lb Hotpress Paper

Watercolor, pen, and ink on mixed media paper, 11x14

Wind Horse

14 x 11, mixed media paper, watercolor, gouache, pen, and ink


9 x 12, Mixed Media Paper, Micron Pen, and Sakura Gelly Roll Pens


12 x 9, mixed media paper, pencil , 2014

Straight From The Horses Mouth

11 x 14, mixed media paper, pen, and ink

The Unicorn Is Scotland's National Animal

Pen and Ink, 2014

Doodle Horse

Pen and Ink, 2014

Doodle Horse

Pen and Ink, 2014

Doodle Horse

Michael Martin Murphey & the Rio Grande Band - "Wildfire"

Back in 1976 I was Sixteen years old and heard the song "Wildfire" on the radio and goosebumps ran up and down my arms. I remember the starving cold times of my ancestors when they might die if spring didn't come early.

We carry our ancestors memories within our genes, the science has called epigenetics. If you are having hard times think about all the people who came before you, your ancestors had to survive incredibly hard times for you to be here right now.

You can use the breath that runs naturally through you without any effort. Just place your attention on your breath as it comes and goes from your nostrils, ride your breath like you would a horse. Keep your seat and don't fall off and if you grip the breath too hard, you'll get a headache just like your legs and butt will ache if you don't relax riding a horse.

The breath will help you relax and ride past the stream of thoughts, feelings, and emotions (if you can let them go) to a space that has no time or place where you can focus easily without effort on what you need to do.

Michael Martin Murphey: Strawberry Roan

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Lost my wife of 52 years new years eve. This song brings all emotions I have of our great life together to me. I know I will see her again.


I’m sorry for your loss, I can’t imagine the pain and loneliness you must be going through @jahangriwifii (hugs)

I hope you find peace in all your good memories with your beloved.


@jahangiriwifii, what color was your wife’s, skin, eyes, and hair, I have an idea for a painting❤️🌀💫?

This is the first time that I got more engrossed in reading your post than watching your art! As always your art is fantastic and yet your childhood adventures were even more interesting :-)

Although to be frank, I will come back to this post a few more times to feast my eyes on that first piece. I might not read the post again but I will surely be opening these pictures again and again..... that first piece really does take my breath away.


@hashcash, someday when I become proficient in writing, I will start writing stories about my childhood. I walked in two worlds, the world of humans and the world of nature, both had magical qualities, but life has no care about my feelings or qualities, it lets me be me, and I love nature for that quality.

I will be doing a series of five horse painting this late winter, I am writing down my projects as I review my artwork here on Steemit. Plus you all give me ideas while we are communicating too....(hugs)


So happy to know that at least some of our ideas are in some small way playing a part in your journey :-)
It goes without saying that your future projects have a viewer in me :-)

eventually I found my seat and spent most of my childhood riding my horse using a piece of bailing twine for a bridle and riding bareback.

I had a pony called Pepsi and also rode a friends horse an Appaloosa Called Jody. I also grew up with wildfire and the Black Stallion, Son of the Black Stallion and others. I had a buggy and got second place riding it in a kiddie parade. Also appreciated your quote:

We carry our ancestors memories within our genes, the science is called epigenetics

Thanks @reddust


@enjoywithtroy, epigenetics puts a new twist on karma and also ancestor worship much of the ancients practiced, even today many societies still respect their elders and those who have passed. Here in America at least if you read or watch entertainment we have all but forgotten our ancestors and the elderly.

I knew we had a connection besides being creatives...hahaha.

I bet riding Pepsi was better than a caffeine-sugar rush one would get drinking a can of pop.

I remember my heart pounding, our horses were huge, at least 15 hands tall and spirited, I didn't know what my horse or the other horses I exercised would do when I climbed onto their back, as they were thinking and feeling animals. We had a black Morgan Stud named Black Dan, my friends had the Quarter horses and Appies, they all rode Western, and if I had to use a saddle I rode English Dressage, I stood out like a sore thumb around all those young cowboys and girls...hahaha

My dear friend I only see that mythical creature of the horse once before through your artworks! But most of other horse artworks reminds me "Kanthaka" the blessed horse who helped "Siddhartha Gauthama" to cross the "Neranjana River"!
I think you also go that idea while drawing them. It's amazing and actually the talent of yours is a bless!


Then your favorite animal are horses? You grew up surrounded by fantastic things, not everyone has that happiness. Your drawings are wonderful, I loved them all.


Nature and my animal friends taught me kindness and the wisdom of just being @rosargelisperez, they also saved my life and even as a child I intuited that I was blessed, now I know I am <3

Thank you for stopping by

I like the first picture because you capture water in motion in your unique style


I will be doing a series on horses this late winter @marcusantoniu26, thank you for the feedback as a guiding light would on a dark night.


That is a beautiful analogy for a guiding feedback.

Wao such a interesting and impressive post.such a fabulous painting.wonderful writting.All paintings looks so beautiful and Amazing.Very impressive combinations of colours.Really you are a wonderful artist,you are a very talented woman.I really Like your all paintings.but second pic is my favrite pic.Great sun,moon,sky,hourse all things so fantastic.and i will watch your wildfire song video.wildfire this is very big issue in every country.Wildfires can ruin homes and cause injuries or death to people and animals. A wildfire is an unplanned fire that burns in a natural area.thanks for sharing this great art.and this valuable video.


Thank you @asadchughtai, if you love art you should check out all the other artist on Steemit, there are dozens better than I am and I feel honored you love my work. Thank you, I love the second picture as well, it's taken from Tibetan Iconography of Lungta symbol which represents the breath or prayer flag.

One of the beautiful Drawing of the horses I have ever seen.
I never ever ride the horse in my life in real, but in Dream I ride twice or thrice and you know, fell down 2 times ;) I think those horses were wild.


I used to daydream about riding a white horse as a child when I didn't want to be where I was at the time. The beautiful horse carried me away from what was painful to me during that time in my childhood. During breath meditation, the same thing happens. In Buddha's story when he fled his palace as a prince to learn how to overcome suffering and help his people he also rode a white horse ;-)

Thank you for stopping by @abdulmanan

You always stunt us with your Flawless Drawing, and art, Every horse has it's own story, Second is looking Shy, By the look, so i can't say him wild.
You are really awesome artist @reddust.


My drawing is getting better but there are far greater artist than me here on Steemit, be sure and check them out as well @humzafida.


yeah, sure, can you mention 2 or 3 here?


Check out the art tab @humzafida, there are art guilds and groups on steemit as well. I don't belong to any because I prefer to be on my own.

wow and amazing drawings i must say.kudos for your efforts and indeed your dexterity in art cant be neglected. you are indeed very good.nice drawing.


Thank you @makovicloyal, art helps me get up in the morning after almost 60 years of waking up every morning it's helpful to looking forward to a day of making art.

Awesome, my dear friend . lovely post.i love your art..


Beautiful horse, thank you for stopping by @moniroy

Yeah, now we can see the passion for the art of horse, beautiful coloring on horse painting.

Oh realy beautiful horse art

Very unique stylish water color painting collections you have already and hope will make more. Actually I felt much better both songs.

Amazing detail, Right on

You are wonderful, all your works are beautiful works of art. You have an incredible gift to paint

That does sounds like your childhood was indeed amazing :)

Glad to know about Pixie by the way and that was quite a young age that you got to ride a horse but as it seems you really enjoyed it :)

The drawings are indeed very lovely. They do seem like they were pictured and framed .Youreally are close to them.

They are just lovely portraits the 1st one, the mermaid horse :) and all the others ;)

Those are sure some nice theories and nice songs as well I liked the second ones music it sure is serene and lovely :)

You've done a great sketch. It is a very good art. Your art's hands are very beautiful. Outstanding creativity. Good work.. Carry on Dear 🙂

You have a magical childhood @reddust riding horses at an early age. So you live in a remote land away from people from your younger years I see but I bet it was fun really when you go on exploring your property.
Great artwork there, you really have a beautiful hand and talent.