Spirit Fox

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A Different Way To See The World

Everything Is Made Of Energy

And It Is In Flux

Don't think about this too much, but everything you see is a reaction to the light but not the light itself. Your brain processes this reaction through a veil of conditioning. We don't know the world as it is but through our limited senses and our conditioning. Plus our senses (ears, eyes, taste, smell, touch) can only pick up a fraction of this energy, not just the reaction to light but other energies as well. Now don't THINK TOO HARD AND FREAK OUT, what are we missing?

I started up my painting after 20 years of raising kids, working, going back to college and working some more. My husband and I retired to a little hobby farm in Eugene Oregon, and I finally got to garden, raise chickens, paint and draw to my heart's content. This fox watercolor was one of my first paintings, and you can see that I still have problems with shadow and perspective. Without shadow and perspective, you get a flat looking drawing or painting.

I will be going back over this painting with white gouache and micron ink and paint permanent ink pens.

23.5 x 15, Watercolor, Rough Press, Handmade Cotton Paper 2014

I always start with the eyes when I work on humans and animals. You can see the difference between the first photograph and the last two photographs. I will add several more layers to the fox's eyes, but the first layer is finished. Onto the head and I will work my way back.

I can thank Steemit and Friends for giving me the energy, funds, and feedback to practice more than I would if I were on my own.

How Our Eyes Work

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My son see this artwork just now and said "A Rainbow Fox"! I think yeah I also agree with it! It's great, atleast you start drawing after 20 years! Just imagine you decided to draw from your young age! I think the world could see another great artists then! (Anyway now I could see a great artist true your born talent)



@theguruasia, Tell your son I said hello and I wish I could teach him how to draw he could learn with my Granddaughter. I wish we lived closer I would hold an art class and we all could sit around and draw, take a break for tea and cookies <3


Thank you and I wish if I had a chance to let him teach drawings under you, it might be one of the best thing I could ever do in my life time as a gift to him!


I have always thought so, we are at the mercy of our senses, if they lie to us we will have a false concept of reality. For your first painting, it's pretty creative.

Edit: Maybe I misunderstood, English is not my native language and I still have a long way to go, I apologize!


@jesusjacr, this isn't my first painting, I've been drawing and painting all my life and I am almost 60 years old. I didn't start getting serious, as in selling my work until I retired, thank you!

I want to say it again miss, you are a wonderful artist, I just love this painting, I was watching Jimmy Kimmel show and someone comes with a fox and wolf, They were so calm!
So your husband is also a painter ?


My husband works in the world of digital mapping; he is an engineer, we share an interest in Buddhism but not art. Thank you @abdulmanan for stopping by.

You know how to pottery what is going in your mind and this drawing is a perfect example of it. The way you draw it, looks like it is trying to get onto something, isn't it?


Drawing/painting/creating is a way of exploring the self and the world that has no inside or outside my friend @humazafida

Thats Amazing and beautiful.
Your art always make my day and motivates me to be like you.
Keep Your work going and keep sharing these arts.


You should be like you @moniristi and working on art will help you get to know yourself. Thank you <3

@reddust, That would be very impressive water color painting work by you. You have energetic skills for those works. Color usage adorable.


If I don't look too hard at things, everything is a rainbow @madushanka....hahaha :-p

Thank you

I love this painting... And the story was cool


The painting is one of my favorites and that's why I am revisiting it, I have the skills to improve this old work, thank you @jahangriwiffii

With mind controlling process you've see better vision and then make perfect art designs immediately. It's not a easiest process. Need to be patience for made best & perfect one. Your art work attractive much to me.


Disciplining and training the mind can help you through daily life and transcend your conditioning. I agree @templeflower, patience is needed when learning a new skill.

Now it was looking good . Real nice comes out when it was colored by you @reddust . Its time to wait for your next art . Wish you will paint a better than this time you did. Best wishes for you .


Thank you @shihabieee, I will be posting an update once a day, thank you for stopping by.

Your drawing is amazing though, your cat are pretty attractive as well ;) !
Lovely !!!!


Agree with ...mam is not capibal to fel these reactions.
Lovely art keep it up!!

It's a good thing you've decided to have a quieter life. Beautiful work. It captures the spirit of nature very well


A quiet simple life is essential for a creative mind to produce quality work my friend @dragonplateado, thank you for the complement.

Wao such a very impressive painting.Wonderful combination of colours.Really you are a great Artist.Very attractive painting.you are so intelligent woman.Everyone liks your painting.beacause this painting looks so interesting.thanks for sharing.

I do like it and the imagination of your is indeed great :)

While the eye looks much more glowing and seems like you are working great in that fact :)

Will be looking for the end result :)


I love working on the eyes, as soon as I get them right they start talking to me and I know the painting will turn out just fine @rehan12 <3


That is something beautiful that I am hearing :)

Really looking forward to the coming portraits of yours :)

hey there,

very nice artwork, i like the colors and the shadows of the trees a lot.
Great idea with all the different colors! keep up the colorful works ;)
...i m waiting to see more.
... Have a great time!

...check my profile by the way if you like to see some of mine artworks.


-edga _NOWARGraffitis


I will check your work out @nowargraffitis, they trees and shadows turned out perfectly so I won't be working on them, thank you for noticing that!

Having a good eye is a must... in all the ways i can imagine that statement.

And i feel your earlier self did a great job with layers of colors and fur.


My earlier self did a great job but my skillset and eye has improved so I will add depth to my spirit fox ...hehe

Beautiful painting. I love the colors of the fox and there is so much creativity.
Love it.

Yes energy never dies. That is the beauty of it. That is why in my opinion souls never die. Nice painting...a rainbow Fox. Now that is a fox with real color! LOL Thanks @reddust. I think they can genetically make cats and dogs that way today though very uncommon. A select few have them.


Buddhism doesn't mention the soul and denies any self that is part of our psychophysical body; however the text does not deny there is nothing either...hehehe

It's all about not attaching to a label or idea but seeing reality as it is ;-) What continues on after we die I have no clue but "I" can't wait to find out, well "I" can wait but I am looking forward to my next big adventure that death we eventually bring. The "I" is just a label too...hehe

Good to see your paintings in steemit. You are great doing that. They all seem beautiful to me. I hope you have a wonderful day


I had to take some time after my last project to debrief and relax, it is essential that I keep my energy levels healthy or I get sick, thank you for stopping by my friend @denissemata

You are right. Light comes with gamma rays, x-rays, UV, microwaves and radio waves. Our eyes do do not see those. However, we can measure their effects using "other eyes".
The fox seems to be asking for something. The eyes are what show that.


Light like everything else comes in waves, we are literally like riding the waves of energy, the senses and our critical thinking skills can be likened to a boat, I would like to get to the other shore though...hahaha

An artist is well aware of the colors of life and that's why they choose colors wisely. The same thing is done by you. You have chosen the colors very well. Even a single layer can change the whole picture and the perspective. Nicely done @reddust


I used every color on my palette this time @aamirijaz...hahaha

Beautiful Art! :D

great great

You are great artist man.I like your art

Your cat art is beautiful.you art is excellent

que lindo quedo el gato.

Stunning .. brilliant, super, great.
Well performed on the art .. for extra creativity.