Spirit Fox - Work In Progress

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Work In Progress=Updates

I am reworking an old watercolor painting, you can see the finished piece on the link I posted at the end of this article. I didn't like how the fox turned out, but my skill-set wasn't advanced enough to copy what I had in my minds-eye. After two years on Steemit painting almost every day for 4 to 6 hours so I could post an article or two a day my skill-set has improved.

I was going to use gouache paint (opaque watercolor) to go over the foxes first coat to lighten it up and go back over with new textures and colors.

I decided to go with Gelly Roll gel-pens because my ink pens hate gouache paint. It's the pigment, it plugs up my porous ink pen tips. I have paid for all my art supplies, quality art supplies, especially watercolor supplies are expensive from my Steemit profits, thank you Steemit! So I could paint and draw as someone possessed.

I used the opaque no sparkles white gel-pen #31031 using short lines to add texture. I am going over the white texture with gel-pens and micron permanent colored pens. The gel-pens blend well and I have to wait for the gel to dry before I go back over with my ink pens.

So far I am happy with the results, I should finish up with this piece in a couple days. Today I had to mow the lawn and make bread, so I was busy most of the day.

However, I was able to sit down for a couple hours and add some color so I could share the results with all of my Steemit friends.

23 x 15.5 inches, Gel-Pens, Micron Ink Pens, Watercolor, and Gouache

Made In India Handmade Cotton Paper Cold Press Rough 300lbs

If you want the bread recipe, please ask me, and I will write an article about how to make bread and cinnamon rolls. I can't eat sugar or wheat, but I enjoy making bread and watching those I love to eat my artwork.

Spirit Fox 1 Work In Progress

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You say in some day you can finish the paint but now it looks beauty and colorful i can't wait to see it in full color, about the recipe i would like to try some of them because in my coutry you can't find something like that i mean bread cinnamon rolls is something too much american hehehe, like her the empanadas or buñuelos. Regards dear friend


Wow, that looks yummy @dim753, your food is from corn flour right? I grew corn on my farm, dried the corn, cooked and soaked the corn kernals in lime, and ground it into flour to make corn flour...OMG, my empanadas tasted terrific, I've never eaten fresh corn flour before, I think I would get so fat living in South America....hahaha


Hoe about corn rice? It tastes good.


I've never had corn rice...I'm drooling though, maybe because I haven't eaten a lot today @immarojas...hahaha


Healthier and nicer...a bit heavy to the tummy. Let me know how that goes😊


It's not exactly corn flour, i mean the original recipe is based in a dough made with cooked corn, but now to simplify the things big companies sell something similar to corn flour to make it hehehe, you have to eat empanada and arepas de huevo wowwwwwwwwwwwww so tasty my friend. Regards


Is that brown round thing an egg?


No they're calling buñuelos and are made with common flour, eggs and cheese they're so tasty too with chocolate or coffee wow.

@reddust, Glad to see another working process of Spirit Fox. Better color using on the drawing. Very interesting task for buying every watercolor supplies and quality art supplies through steem profit. Everyone don't do. But fashionable persons know what's better decision.


@madushanka, I joined Steemit to learn about cryptocurrency, be part of a cool beta testing project and hopefully pay for my art supplies. I didn't come to steemit to get rich or pay the rent, I couldn't see a social site making that kind of money for a ordinary person like me...lololol

I am happy with the result with the fox and my experiment with Steemit <3

Top quality gel pen art design. I love your naturalize vision @reddust. I prefer to read bread recipe definitely. If you can post it highly appreciate.


Okay, two request, I will write up a bread recipe tomorrow, thank you @dragonking

Ar the different colors you used symbolic of anything spiritually with reference to the fox? I know you like those new jell pens. Thanks @reddust.


Yes there are spiritual symbolism involved, but my Tibetan friends would maybe frown on my suggesting foxes have rainbow bodies...hahaha

But the rainbow has many ancient symbolic meanings depending on the culture and the time in history.

Michael Sheehy reviews Rainbow Body and Resurrection by Francis V. Tiso. From the Winter 2016 issue of Buddhadharma.

Rainbows in mythology

That´s a very nice Spirit (I would say Rainbow) Fox.

For me, judging watercolor painting is like wine tasting: I know nothing about the art. I can only say if I like it or not. Regarding the Spirit Fox I can say that that picture is alive. The eyes of the fox are so real and he is trying to say something.


@marcusantoniu26, pay attention the fox may speak through other things that happen to you through your day... ;-) <3

Be careful in Native American lore the fox is a trickster and female spirit...hehehe


So is the fox a she-fox?


I don’t know, I haven’t asked, but the Fox spirit trickster is feminine energy

It's kinda cute! Can't bake sorry @reddust... how about a smoothie?


@immarojas, I've been doing watermelon and banana smoothes but that's kinda boring lolol


Not if watermelon!! Just add nuts.


I love to freeze my watermelon and blend it with water, such a yummy summer drink.


absolutely chilled or frozen...not too sweet nor bland..perfect!enjoy @reddust

it looks so cool I love your work, it's wonderful to see the progress ... You're wonderful


Thank you @denissemata, I hope you and your Mom are doing well <3


Thank you very much dear @reddust We are pretty good despite everything that happens in the country. And how are you doing?

Spirit of fox, yeah it seems to be a hard work! Because, a lot of color lines and sharp hairy of fox need to draw by different colors of pencils, brushes and have to deal with a lot of layers! Probably this might be one great artwork comes through water colors in next couple of weeks or days time!
I think if you get a free time, it's nice to hear how to make a bread! Yeah it could be used to make one at home (Probably my wife)!
I hope you might draw more layers on this artwork! Actually it's a great imaginary of course!


Fox art with gel pen on previous water color paint is amazing to me, it seems almost 3D art. Its feel pretty good yo watch your drawing.

The painting is looking awesome. I thought it looked really good last time you shared it with us, but now looks so much better and more colorful.
The cinnamon buns look so delicious.

Nice painting.nice drawing.

Great drawing of fox could you do more drawings ones that are in color as i like to color as well as drawing. @reddust you are really creative person please stay with drawing. Thanks for share dear.

Awesome i like Foxes so much 🦊 . I've been practicing to draw this picture just about everyday now. I've gone a long way, so thank you, truly, for helping my drawing. It's really amazing drawing.

This is an awesome art. Its really amazing photo and also creative art. I really impressed your photography and drawing.I need to know what type of paper and pencil you use! my pencil just tears my paper apart. Thanks for share with us.

This is beautiful, i love foxes ! i want to draw so beautiful as you, but can't, i used to draw for years and was good in it, but since my depression and sickness i can't anymore.

OMG! You made a fox! I LOVE foxes! I have like six fox plushies around my bed! No way! SUPER CUTE! Fan girl freaking out for a drawing of a fox. But not just any drawing of a fox, a drawing of a fox made by @reddust!!! Squee!! Over super awesome! This one is going to my liked post!

You made beautiful painting . After many days I am watching painting on your blog . I knows your are a good artist .

Your painting looks nice and creative in actual sense, you have really improve a lot with your artistic artworks and painting. I like the color combination and design of your work @reddust

i am very glad to see your creative wok progress. your work proves that you have deep creativity in many things. we have many things to learn from you, thank you my friend for sharing

Your painting is very beautiful, if close I will learn to make paintings with you, I just finished giving birth, so I am still rarely active, hopefully we can always connect, happy greetings for you my friends,

Friend your work looks excellent! The eyes of the fox look so real🦊

I prefer to see your valuable and adorable art work. Love to your new food recipe.

I am more interested in the photo of your cake than your beautiful painting my friend, ha ha ha ... honestly your painting is very beautiful ,,
o yes, we just got the birth of our youngest child, I hope you are happy to hear it, I have longed to be active again in steemit @reddust

The printing was looking colorful and 3d art creativity...

Nice drawing it´s interesting the color combination and the color of fox´s eyes.
By the way the cinnamon rolls looks delicious, I woulkd like the recipe, Thanks for share your art, I invited to visit my blog @mjoa07
Regards from Venezuela ; )

please please do share the recipe of bread and cinnamon rolls

great artist super.gif

Well yes persistent work does makes us an expert at the end that is what you have become an expert in your forte in Painting indeed .All those work that you have been doing in the past is indeed worth it.

The fox does looks very cool and as seen it does requires a lot of patience just by seeing anyone can say you have done a very good job.Each fur on it required a touch and you have done it smoothly and the eyes look really real seems like someone took a picture with a flash and it reflected its eye :)

Very nicely done .

While yeah that would be great to know the recipe while I am not a great food maker but I am sure many wil like it :)

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The colors says it all!

Your draw seem a dream, I like too much of your art because is very pleasant see them

Your artwork is very detailed @reddust and I admire such talent. Are you planning to do such oil paintings on a canvass? Best regards
I love special breads too :)

Glad to see you again,this art looks so wonderful,Very amazing combinations of colours,very wonderful working,Very hard working,you old are good,and this art is to good,Very greatfully using the water colour,I really like your drawing,and your breakfast is so tasty,yeah sure tell us the recipe of bread,Everyone like your recipe,i want to eat this tasty breakfast,hahaha,Thanks for sharing this great post,i always like your post,you are a very hardworking lady,Everyone waiting for your recipe post,