Thomas Jefferson Master Gardener & Foodie

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Third President Of The United States

Thomas Jefferson Author of the Declaration of American Independence,,The Statute of Virginia For Religious Freedom, and the Father of the University of Virginia.

Hi everyone, I will be writing about and painting a portrait of Thomas Jefferson because I think he is one of the most complex and interesting of the United States long line of presidents. Thomas Jefferson helped map America.

I will be working in watercolor, and my old Steemit friends know I like to work in layers adding color and detail in an organized manner. This is my first "WIP" (Work In Progress) and introduction into my favorite "liberal/President" Thomas Jefferson was a Democrat, Republican, liberal, conservative. Everybody wants to claim Jefferson for their political point of view, understandably enough. However, labeling Jefferson as strictly anything is a bit dicey, seeing as how a lot of time has passed and the world has changed quite a bit.

Physical Discription of Thomas Jefferson

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Hi Sis nice to see you back in action! I hope you are doing so great and would like to see the finish artwork of this one!


Wow, Long time no see. Glad to see you haven’t given up on Steemit and that you are back :)


Hey @dandesign86, you are still here, so lovely to see you again. I have a ton of projects to share here on Steemit, which have kept me off the net forever, it seems.


It sure can be good with a break sometimes - looking forward to catching up with your stories :)

Wellcome back again to the steemit, now we can see lot of art and drawing from you. Wip of T. Jefferson will complete in a very short time and you will show us your work laterally, i know that.

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Jefferson was a big dreamer and an honest and rightful person, as an important figure in U.S history everyone should pay their respects in some kind of way, like you today 😀😀.

OMG @reddust here😀 You've been gone a long time. I miss seeing your great work. I hope you will continue. This blog is valuable when you are valuable. Again welcome 🍀


Thank you @turkishcrew, I won't lie, I've enjoyed my time away from the internet. I will be blogging about my adventures... I missed you too <3

The process looks great, congratulations.
I had time without reading you. how good it is that you have returned.


@inspiraction, I saw you mentioned me, my writing and posting will be a little disorganized. I forgot how to write html...hahaha, sucks getting old.

I like the way you work with color, the face turned out very well. Draw even more!)


Thank you @extractum-lunae, I haven't completed the first layer of paint yet. When I finish this painting the nothing will look like the first layer of color, including the face. I love working in layers and watching the painting flesh out, plus layering helps me stay organized.

Watching these first steps, it will be a wonderful portrait! Thomas Jefferson is really an interesting character of the history, I studied a bit about him at school (here in Italy). ❤️

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Jefferson was interested in so many things, like farming, gardening, growing one's food for health (way before his time), he had so many skills besides being a politician. I will be writing about all his interests and why he wrote the Declaration of Independence, which the internet needs a Declaration of Independence too!

Welcome back. You are back after long time. I missed you and your great posts. Wao what a impressive paintings. You doing your work very wonderfully. Now a days water paints colours are very useful. Thanks for sharing. @ruddust.

I like your way of presenting WIP. It makes it more human, more real.

Hello miss, it's been a while 😃... Glad to see something coming from you after some while. Good luck with your portrait painting. Will be looking forward to seeing the final result.

Very nice I like what you're doing. The Thomas Jefferson was one of my father's favorite Heroes and I was able to see Monticello twice. Thank you so much for sharing @reddust

Welcome back mom, so long ago.

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You are so talented, it looks so incredible. It's great to see you again at Steemit

Hello @reddust! It has been a while! I missed your long posts about Indian philosophy. I have been away for a while myself, but back again, at least reading what the good people has to post. Thomas Jefferson is a very interesting American President and I glad you chose him as your model.