Viking Icelandic Horses


The Vikings brought their horses to Iceland over a thousand years ago. Today Iceland does not allow any horses to come into Iceland. The horse stock is free of diseases and some of the hardest, healthiest, and longest-living horses in the world. Did you know dead middle-aged Viking men were buried with their prized stallion?

19x23, 300lb hot press cotton paper, Posca pens, watercolor, silver gouache

Horses are the most common grave goods found in Icelandic Viking Age graves. Horse skeletons have previously been sexed based on pelvis shape and the presence of canine teeth in male horses over 4–5 years of age. Morphological data has shown that all horses from Icelandic burials that were amenable to sexing were male. Yet the use of morphological methods to determine sex is problematic since they rely on finding a well-preserved pelvis and/or robust canine teeth..... Our results revealed a male to female sex bias ratio of 18:1 in burial sites, versus 0:3 in non-burial locations. The findings support the significant over-representation of male horses in Viking Age graves in Iceland. However, show that –albeit rare– mares could also be selected for ritual burial in Viking Age Iceland. This cost-effective method provides statistical confidence to allow for sexing of highly fragmented archaeological specimens with low endogenous DNA content. Science Direct

I want one! The pony is 14 hands tall at its tallest, double winter coat, no disease, long-lived, breeding up to 27 years, and easy-going. The horse takes 4 years to grow strong enough to be ridden. Growth isn't finished until 7 years.

Sounds like a Morgan horse before breeding for confirmation ruined the breed. They all look like a Thoroughbred horse now. From (Wiki) Icelandic horses weigh between 330 and 380 kilograms (730 and 840 lb) and stand an average of 13 and 14 hands (52 and 56 inches, 132 and 142 cm) high, which is often considered pony size. Still, breeders and breed registries always refer to Icelandics as horses. Several theories have been put forward as to why Icelandics are always called horses, among them the breed's spirited temperament and large personality. Another theory suggests that the breed's weight, bone structure, and weight-carrying abilities mean it can be classified as a horse rather than a pony.

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Really excellent art You are great artist I guess 🔥


Thank you kindly @alamin33

A little bit knowledge about horse and Iceland with your beautiful drawing, this painting also tells about your passion for art

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Thank you @sheikh27, I've tried to get my husband to move to Iceland but he says it's too cold...darn it! I love the wildness and it never gets too hot..hahaha

That is most interesting about the Islandic Ponys. I love your artistry on this one Reddust, It is just lovely.


Thank you @sunscape, I am trying new ideas, taking a chance.

That beautiful! Animals are one of the things that cost me the most to draw, and I really admire who can make them so cute. A big hug!


Thank you @christopherb, horses and people have a symbiotic relationship. We work well together and can share emotions <3

Just signed up and I've got to say, this is exactly the kind of content I was looking for. Keep up the great work! 🐎


John Snow, I can't believe it's you. You have been through so much, I am so happy you lived to experience Steemit....hahahaha (hugs)


Hahaha it is... Nothing some time beyond the wall cant solve. "Sometimes there is no happy choice."
Anyways, Steemit sure feels warmer!

So beautiful! I could see this as a tapestry or painted on glass. I had a pony growing up as a child. Best to you @reddust.


I grew up with horses much like these, Morgans stand 14 to 15 hands tall, small compared to most Arabs and Quarter horses. The designs are some of my favorites, mixing different cultural designs, Asian and Celtic. Blessings to you and your family @enjoywithtroy.

Did you know dead middle-aged Viking men were buried with their prized stallion?

Collosal waste!, I mean why would I bury my most prized stallion when I could actually make money from it and help those in need while I am gone. Or where they thinking that the horse will ride them their eternal abode. 😂

The horse takes 4 years to grow strong enough to be ridden. Growth isn't finished until 7 years

This has doused my curiosity for a very long time now. Used to think it even took more than that time


I know! However, their views of reality, life, and death were very different back then. It was spiritually important to give the heroes a good send off so they will impress in Viking Valhalla (the hall of death) just next door to the Allfather Odin. Odin is a cool God, his jokes are the best and his kids were amazing Gods too!

f Ægir visiting the gods in Asgard said,

What sort of dream is that, Odin? I dreamed I rose up before dawn to clear up Val-hall for slain people. I aroused the Einheriar, bade them get up to strew the benches, clean the beer-cups, the valkyries to serve wine for the arrival of a prince.


Waooo, now I get the real gist😊.

Thanks so much

What a great pleasure to see one of his works, was missed! I hope this good friend. And welcome back to steemit


So nice to see you my friend Denissemata! I've seen your posts and you are still making people happy with your cakes and desserts <3


That's my friend, I'm still making cakes! That make others happy and more to me. How have you been?


I've been busy with my husband setting up house in our new home. We are working and helping my daughter with the grandkids when she needs is good!


I'm glad that everything goes well in your life!

Nice art :)

What a beautiful breed of horse! All horses are beautiful in my eyes, but heritage breeds are especially intriguing, bringing with them their resistance to disease and longevity!

great art :)

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