🎨 Dark is Dark... or is it? - "Encounter"

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Dunkel ist dunkel... oder? - "Begegnung"


Really dark, gloomy pictures of me can hardly be found, and if they do, they often mark an incision in my life. In the early 90's I was still very much at the beginning of my glass painting technique and experimented a lot with dark backgrounds.

There were actually some rather gloomy pictures too....


So richtig dunkel, düstere Bilder gibt es von mir eigentlich kaum, und wenn, dann markieren sie oft einen Einschnitt in meinem Leben. In den frühen 90ern war ich mit meiner Hinterglasmaltechnik noch sehr am Anfang und habe viel mit dunklen Hintergründen experimentiert.

Es kamen tatsächlich auch ein paar eher düstere Bilder heraus...

begegnung (1).jpg

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However, it has been shown that the brightness/darkness of my choice of colours does not necessarily allow conclusions to be drawn about the mood of the picture. With a similar (dark) palette, only slightly warmer, I showed a rather funny picture yesterday


Allerdings hat sich gezeigt, dass die Helligkeit/Dunkelheit meiner Farbwahl nicht unbedingt Rückschlüsse auf die Stimmung des Bildes zulässt. Mit einer ähnlich (dunklen) Palette, nur etwas wärmer, habe ich gestern ein eher lustiges Bild gezeigt




The painting "Encounter" was very personal and thus not for sale. Strangely enough, several clients were seriously interested and very difficult to get rid of. But I definitely wanted to keep the painting.

One of my collectors even came up with quite a strategy, to get the piece. He bought two other ones and didn't want to take them home right away. But it was okay for me that they should stay in my gallery for a little longer. We agreed that my client would get the paintings when it would suit him.

A little later I went on a trip for few days. When I got back home, of course, I stopped by my gallery to check on the situation. I immediately learned, that in the meantime the two paintings had been picked up..... just to see the next moment that the "Encounter" was missing.

My client had told my colleague that it was one of the two pictures he had bought.... well, I had to pay him a visit!

And you don't want to believe it, and as if that's not enough... a year later, another client finally tricked, me to get it. But that's another story!


Das Bild "Begegnung" war sehr persönlich und stand nicht zum Verkauf. Seltsamer Weise gab es doch mehrere Interessenten, die auch nur sehr schwer abzuwimmeln waren. Aber ich wollte das Bild auf jeden Fall behalten.

Einer meiner Sammler hat sich sogar echt was einfallen lassen, um das Bild doch zu bekommen. Er kaufte zwei andere Bilder und wollte sie aber partout nicht gleich mitnehmen. Für mich war es in Ordnung, dass sie noch ein Weile in meiner Galerie bleiben sollten. Wir vereinbarten, dass mein Kunde die Bilder holen würde, wenn es ihm passte.

Kurze Zeit später fuhr ich für ein paar Tage weg. Als ich wieder zu Hause war, schaute ich natürlich auch wieder in meiner Galerie vorbei um nach dem Rechten zu sehen. Ich erfuhr gleich, dass in der Zwischenzeit auch die beiden Bilder abgeholt worden waren.... nur um im nächsten Moment zu sehen, dass die "Begegnung" fehlte.

Mein Kunde hatte meiner Mitarbeiterin erzählt, dass es eines der beiden Bilder war, die er gekauft hatte... naja, da musste ich ihn dann schon nochmal besuchen...

Und man möchte es nicht glauben, und als ob damit nicht genug wäre... ein Jahr später hat es mir dann einer endgültig abgeluchst. Aber das ist eine andere Geschichte!

I enjoy reading your comments!

Ich freue mich auf Eure Kommentare

If you like my work, of course I appreciate your upvotes and resteems



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Das gibt's doch nicht, mit welcher Findigkeit deine Kunden dich beklauen. Ich hab schallend geschmunzelt!! Tue es immer noch.
... und noch immer ... ich krieg mich gar nicht mehr ein! LOL
Tut mir Leid, das war damals bestimmt nicht lustig. Aber ich denke doch, du bist drüber hinweg und wenn jetzt dieser Post dazu beiträgt, uns allen eine interessante Geschichte zu erzählen und dann auch noch, dass du hier ganz viele Bilder verkaufst, dann ist die Spätfolge dieser famosen Dieberei eine ganz außerordentlich positive!! Du siehst, aus einer Mist-Sache ... na, du weißt schon.

ich geh ja schon in den Keller!


P.S. die beste Kombi = gute Bilder & Geschichten! Ich komm dich mal interviewen, bin gewiss, dein Leben hält jede Menge toller Geschichten parat!


Ich fands damals schon total witzig, dass jemand ein Bild von mir so unbedingt haben wollte. Im Grunde das ultimative Kompliment. Wir kennen uns ja auch sehr gut und ich muss auch immer noch lachen, wenn ich dran denke, dass er gedacht hat, er kommt damit durch 😅

Geschichten gibts genug, wie bei Dir sicher auch. Manche sind erst jetzt lustig 😱

Well, firstly, that is a good problem to have: That people want your work so badly that they are willing to sneak and connive to get them! I do know what you mean, though, as I have some pieces I always kept and if I used them in shows always had the NFS and "in artists private collection" Of course people always want what they can't have.

I began to think, maybe I should do a show where they all say NFS and people will be knocking one another over to buy them! ;)

I had a piece I didn't want to sell, it was a piece with two figures in oil pretty large work, I had a nice frame made for it and I had it in my shop (When I was foolish enough to own a retail shop). A customer finally convinced me to sell it at a ridiculous price (the only way I would let it go) and I always regret it to this day.

That was when I KNEW money was never worth more than the joy of a thing and so who knows what that money went to , but I can't recall, and I wish I could still look at my old painting.

I can't wait to hear about how your customer finally got yours and would have loved to been a fly on the wall when you went to retrieve the piece the customer had taken by switching them.

The world is a funny old place and the art world is the funniest of all places!


Definitely a good problem to have and I am very thankful for my passionate fans.

You are right, the harder something to get, the more people want something. When I saw your post last night with tired eyes, I was wondering why you would label your work as NSFW 😜 hahaha... NFS of course makes much more sense! Would be interesting to do a show like that and see all the people leave the gallery with paintings that were "not for sale" ;-)

I think, when you work as an artist long enough, we all have such stories. And we all have to part with that one piece eventually, that we should have kept. I often try to think of ways how to keep my originals and I am very thankful, with my prints selling the way they do. I still can't afford to keep my original work for myself, but at least I'm getting closer...

Oh god yeah, that other story... to weird to tell. In the end, the man turned out to probably be the best friend I ever had, but we don't always understand everything right away ;-)


If we steemian artists ever get to be in the same geograpical location at the same time I think it would be hilarious to do a NFS (not for sale ;) ) show and see how much more we actually do sell.

It is true that first impressions aren't always good and sometimes people who annoyed us or came into our life in a way less than pleasant at first can turn out to be blessings in disguise.

What I love about being an artist is society gives us a sort of 'pass' to any current morays or attitudes or taboos and we, crazy creatives that we are, can get away with saying the most odd things at dinner parties or going about the streets in 19th century outfits (I had a period where I wore literally 1900's clothing most of the time in my small town.) Because of that, though I met an artist who wanted to paint me and we became great friends and I even worked for him for a while when I was in my early 20s. It is a funny old life.

Sorry, I went off on a tangent again. Me and my long winded comments...Oh well, I'm an artist so you have to forgive me, right ;)


You know what, that's not a bad idea! We are in the same geograpical location... planet earth! I did a show with 70 professional female artists in 2015. Logistics were a nightmare, but it can be done!

"The one and only NFS show" None of the works are for sale, but you can buy whichever you want 😜

You are right, with artists being granted that special role. Its ok, as long as it isn't abused. Which unfortunately I have witnessed more than one time.

Looks like you used your extra "freedom" right. I'd love to see you in these clothes... do you have any photos?


yes, so true.
This what happened to me one time when I brought a painting in for framing to my gallerist. Following day he phoned me and asked if I sell it, he has a customer. This was a long time ago, when my hourly wage was about $ 2.- and you were living like Croesus if you made 100 bucks a week. I did not want to let this go, so to scare off the customer, I said 1,500.- - he called me back a short while later: SOLD!
To put this into perspective, my last hourly wage before retirement in 2006 was $ 26.50.
Unfortunately I never had a photo of it, except a corner of it is showing on an old studio-portrait of mine.


Haha, did that too once... long ago. The client actually added 100,- Mark tip, because I was so "cooperative" 🤪


I believe there are collectors out there that don't even take a second look if something is 'inexpensive' - they buy stuff for bragging rights to show their friends.
When I exhibited at the Grand Salon in Bas Säckingen, there was this nice young Italian artists, Elisa Bertolini, quite talented, who showed a striking large portrait of a homeless man - the price was one tenth of what other paintings there were. Pavlina and I counselled her about pricing. I said if somebody doesn't snap that up right away, then there must really be something wrong with the crowd. But you might as well just give it away.

would you believe € 750,-? I said she is nuts!

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What a wonderful surprise, thank you very much! Looks like you have a great project going and your appreciation is definitively encouraging.

Quite a story! Rarely happened to me, except a couple of times long ago.
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What can I say, you're da man, Otto! Thanks a lot 👨‍🎨


its just a click, lol

What a story, yes persons can sometimes make crazy things to have some painting..But that was bit rude of that man to trick like that I would say...Thinking how would I react at that situation..not sure but I believe I would be pretty angry..
And to add, like those dark backgrounds, brings some mysterious atmosphere and touch of space..


Yes, quite a story, isn't it. But I know him well, and I found it funny, that he went that far to have it. In a way, its a real compliment! 🤪


Yes it is now that you explained it that way :)

Tricked out of a painting? Sounds like theft. Anyway, is there a post of your process with these? You say glass painting, but I'm not sure what that is. ~Cheers


Well, it was a very odd situation, to say the least. But I'm at peace with it all and the man is a real friend.

If you like to know more about my technique, simply click on "What is Hinterglas?" at the end of my post.

Some paintings or works are like humans. One connects funny, sad, or any other kind of emotional experience with them. In retrospect your story is funny and you can be proud of creating art, a collector wants to have - whatever it takes ;)


So true! Yes, it is funny looking back... like a lot of other things. This particular case made me smile from the beginning!

A dark image but a fascinating one. I love the energy - the bodies are shaped a little like trees, or like lightning. Perhaps they are trying to electrocute the carnivorous fish?


Your comparisons work quite well although its difficult, even for myself what is really going on there. Did it in a very emotional state, without much thinking. And it was always a very important painting for me.

I love your work.


Thank you, makes me feel good about it :-)

the segmented limbs you do are quite interesting


Thanks for noticing. Was my style at the time :-)


It is a very powerful look, most unsettling...