The Cinematic EVIL Red-Green Color Grading In Photoshop With Quick Tutorial

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We will learn how to create the evil red and green color grading in Adobe Photoshop like we see in the movies. In this tutorial we will be doing a simple cinematic color grading with color lookup tables, curves, gradient maps, blending modes, and blend if techniques. The end result will be awesome and after few attempts with playing these tools in Photoshop, you will be able to create this effect with great ease and quickly.

Here is the quick creation process in the GIF format.


Let us now start learning this cool effect in Photoshop.

Step 1. Import The Image In Adobe Photoshop.


Step 2. Now create a new adjustment layer of cloor lookup and select the nightfromday LUT. This will dim the whole image to a night time like looking.


Step 3. Now create a curve adjustment layer and increase the brightness of the image a little bit so that the darker parts are more visible by dragging the curve. Don't do too much.


Step 4. Now take Gradient Map adjustment layer and take this red and green gradient and set its blending mode to multiply. If your image is too dark then you can increase the brightness by going in the curves adjustment layer in the previous step.


Step 5. After that we will add two more curves adjustment layers and set their curves like these so our image looks perfect in shadows and highlights.


And now we are done with this "Evil Red And Green" effect in Adobe Photoshop.I hope this tutorial will help you surely.

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