Sketch-sheets 2016 (If you don't try, you don't know what can happen)


We are gathered here to see drawings of a 16-year-old Ana, to pay respect to my beginnings of hand pains, back and above all, my poor ass, I am very excited to see them, I really love them, because they make me remember what I felt free to make all those drawings, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I made them at that time.

This rose was the first drawing I made "freely" I mean, nobody asked me, I made it because I wanted to make one for a long time and I thought "How bad can it be if I do it with markers?" and well, it did not go wrong after all, my original idea was to make many roses, cover the entire sheet but it seemed better to me to make one, at least, at that time. He has several failures, to tell them, I feel he is in pain today.

This second drawing, well, began innocently with the heart, I looked for the image of a heart, I made the sketch, I was shading and I was surprised how well I was doing, I had never drawn something like that, getting out of my mold was something very funny and that I enjoyed it very much, and after finishing my heart, I said to myself “Another part, will you?”, I continued with a bare hand with all its tendons and ligaments, it is especially I think I could have deepened it more but nevertheless for an Ana of 16, the Ana of that moment did it quite well, I passed from the hand to the lungs, these I made them more as fillers but the interesting thing for me was the human face without skin, where I saw part of the brain, because I did not know how to shade it, I fixed them as I could, in short, these drawings for a moment became my favorites at the time.

For these drawings, it occurred to me to make female bodies, I had never tried before, I feel that to be the first time, I was not soooooo bad at all, I had a vague idea of what the human canon is (I want to clarify that all these drawings I made them in a month, since they were school vacations) my point is that I did not do so badly and it was going quite well.

This series of drawings on the same sheet, innocently began with a skull, then, with a boy in profile, then another, another, another, another and another, until I already had the sheet almost full of boys, “things of boys ”, I don't have much to talk about this, apart from that in these drawings I feel that I am freed from enough comforts, since it was quite rare for me to make illustrations like that at that time.

Already for this drawing I had the creativity at a thousand per hour, I painted the page with almost dry paints so that the painting was not so invasive and would not last so long to dry, which Really difficult, it was at the time of making the mandalas, it got very dirty by the thin layer of paint, for when I had to highlight the mandalas, it hurt a lot, since I had to press the marker a lot so that it was marked, it hurt for a few days fingers and hand to highlight each one but in the end, I loved the result, I discovered that I love to make mandalas.

I made the flowers with the same procedure as putting dry paint diluted with water on the paper, wait for it to dry and draw the flowers on it, I don't have much to comment on this drawing, only that I really liked the finish it had and how well it It looks, I have no objection.

This is the first skull I made, although it is not as shaded as I usually shade, at the time I felt that I could dedicate myself to drawing bones, a human body of pure muscle, I was excited to draw illustrations from medical books, I considered it to be an excellent idea In life to do that, after it happened to me, I discovered that getting stuck in the same thing is not really my thing.

Ah, this can, honestly, I don't know when I did it, I vaguely remember that it was a practice that I did for myself, I deduce that it was in this year that I did it, I still put it because at least for me it is a reminder that when start with something you do not know how to do, it will not work out at first, which is a matter of constancy and practice until your brain is irritated.

Ah, the can of soda, I almost forgot, honestly, I don't know when I made it, I vaguely remember that it was a practice that I did for myself, I deduce that it was in this year that I did it, I still put it because at least for me It is a reminder that when you start with something you do not know how to do, it will not work out the first time, which is a matter of perseverance and practice until your brain is irritated.

It seemed to me that it was a good idea to put a picture of me at that time, so, there I am just 16 years old (the day I took that picture, it was just my birthday) it gives me tenderness to see this photo because I looked very small as I feel I see myself now, I miss that, I think I looked more beautiful before how I look now, in short, trivial problems.

I hope you liked the post, that you enjoyed it and that you are encouraged to comment on this post, how did you think, if you have any suggestions, I assure you that I will read you with all the attention and love.

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Until next time, guys!

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