Sketch-sheets 2017 (A year of many faces and failed attempts)


I have returned with more drawings scattered on loose sheets, I do it in order to show you my drawings and to show me that if I have advanced that the 17-year-old Ana is left behind, that I have learned to do more things and that I should continue practicing ( Although it is hard for me to believe in myself and motivate myself, we are in that process)

The first drawing I made was this lamp, the first drawing I made throughout the year, I was bored when I did it, it was quite fast, with it's lights and shadows, they made me easy to make and solve, there is not much to talk about about.

As you saw when entering the post, this drawing of the famous and a bit broken Amy Winehouse, at that time I adored Winehouse, I loved spending my mornings and afternoons listening to his songs, especially by his voice, I made that drawing since I wanted to experience in coloring with dry paint diluted in water, throwing it on paper, to see if it wrinkled or something, apparently not, happily, it looked good, it has some errors, such as the fact that the hands made them a little small as they should be, just like his nose but first of all, I loved how his iconic hairstyle looks. Oh and how to forget about my attempt to do your tattoos, even if I try, I don't look too bad ... I think.

My intention with this drawing was to make Lily Collins, I stay ... Regular, I could not say that bad but it does not have the fine and sweet features of the face of the young Collins, in this drawing I painted without fear the page with a violet paint, I liked how the result was, I sketched my face high above, I shaded it with a pencil, what I like most about this drawing is her hair, also the deep shadow that I made with black paint on the neck, rest, I'm not very happy with the finish but it's part of the learning.

This especially brought me a lot of stress, since I did not know how to solve the situation of the hand by grabbing the cheeks, the hand if I stay in a very good proportion (or so I want to think), the most interesting of this face are the lenses, I consider that the hair was not quite right, it could have been a little better.

I'm so sorry to show you this drawing, it's not bad at all, it's just that the face came out disastrously, I like the colors a lot but the face of “Cole Sprouse” was made a Christ, I liked doing it, because of the challenge I had to it was to fund him, since it is quite rare for me to fund, that I am fixing that, I want to fund my drawings.

With you, a drawing of the beloved Troye Sivan, I feel that you can give an idea of how my musical taste was going for that moment, I tried to do better than I could but it still does not seem like him to me, that drawing I did in one day, despite I would not have liked it, I think it was a very good practice, I liked it despite everything, especially as I shaded it.

By penultimate but never less important, Anne Hathaway, I have been in love with that woman for more than 12 years, since I saw in a Diary of a Princess, I saw her as a very sweet and beautiful woman, until more could not, therefore I decided for drawing it, the drawing of a photo in a movie called "One Day", if you have not seen it, go and cry, you will not regret it, I made this drawing in a short time the same, of this I do not complain, only of very small things but I liked it, nothing to add or remove.

Finally this drawing of a mandala, this one if I take a little, since it had many details and it bothered me so much to do it, in the end if I finished it, at least, I have many unfinished drawings, more than what I should, in anyway, this is one of the mandalas that I have done that I liked the most.

And this is me 17 years old, with my medium long hair, a sweater that is very hot that by the time I took that picture, I was roasting but I loved the result it gave, well, anyway.

I hope you liked the post, that you enjoyed it and that you are encouraged to comment on this post, what do you think, if you have any suggestions, I assure you that I will read you with all the attention and affection.

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Until next time, guys!

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