Having a Shopify POD Store vs. Selling on Platforms like Etsy, Redbubble, Amazon Merch, etc.

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So earlier this summer I talked a bit about how I was going to setup my own Shopify POD store. I was all gungho, got the site setup, got my CustomCat integration setup and then was very disapointed by the sample quality I got so had to start from scratch and put this whole project on the backburner.

About a week ago got it set back up, did a Printful integration, the prices are a bit high essentially $18 base price on a Bella Canva after factoring in shipping but the software and integration work great, product selection is cool, I like how the app interacts with Shopify.

In this video I kinda wanted to ask you guys, those of you doing POD stores have you found its worth taking on the extra expense and responsibility to make not much more money relative to what you'd make on a platform like Redbubble or Merch?

In this video I kinda ramble a bit about profit margins, additional expenses and responsibilities that come with running your own store, etc.

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I honestly use Tlaunch app in shopify store and use amazon integration. It works really well. I sell the products on amazon and so I have more sales than if i did it alone. This isnt Merch, I am a standalone store at amazon. Everything is still pretty hands off.


Thanks I'll have to checkout Tlaunch. Are you not interested in merch or still waiting for your invitation?


I have had merch since the beta. Running your own store though you remove a lot of the limitations and approvals of merch, and can have virtually unlimited resources. The name of the game here is variety and having tons of it.

The downside is you are supposed to have a GTIN number for your own products, but amazon has an excemption for that, and it is easy to get.

I dont make a ton since I havent scaled it, but I do make sales monthly. If I had the patience to hire designers and actually make the products it would go much better.

Solid information, I've always wondered about this topic!

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