All telent style competition Day#9 .Recycled Art work

2년 전

Hi steemians,

Hope you all are doing good and enjoying on steem.

Today I take a part in the competition of @dobartim.
Here is the link of this competition.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

Thanks to @dobartim for giving us a chance to participate in this wonderful contest.We usually waste many things without realise that we can recycle these things and we can make beautiful things with them.In this way we can protect our environment and decorate our home. Its my hobby to reuse recycle things and make pretty cool items. I make different things I show you all the things one by one in here.

Here are some recycled things.

  1. Its a candle decorated with formic sheet and net.


  1. Dough work on jewelry and bowl.




  1. Handmaded wool thread bag.


  1. Handmaded glittery mobile cover.


  1. Decorated handmaded Mirror and photo frame.


Thanks for reading

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great work wishing you good luck for your contest..

stay blessed


Thank you so much for your good wishes .


pleasure is always mine

nice work.....
Congratulations! @sairakiyani
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Thank you so much @mahsabmirza .
I am already added .

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nice work my friend


Thank you so much