Two year old artist develops her own unique style 🎨

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Luna has been asking to paint a lot over the last week and my role as Papa is to ensure she is able to do this. The 'keep moving fast' top is for getting dirty and the table is old, so she is good to go here!

A few weeks ago we bought this cardboard house and coloured it in as a family.


Since then Esteban has been keen to create his own home, as you can see here.


He has a big protective top on as we don't have any old clothes for him. Everything is too small now!


I love watching Luna paint.


Like Esteban she becomes 100% engaged in what she is doing, with quite a serious look on her face.


I thought the painting was finished at this stage but as I said she is developing her own unique style and there is no 'wrong way' so I try to keep my guidance to a minimum.


Carefully she folds the paper up.


Until it looks like this, at which point she announces Voila!


Then she explains in french that I must now open my 'present painting'.

With pleasure!

Looks fantastic to me :)


Up on the kitchen door it goes to complete the set of four.


Move over Jackson Pollock, Luna has arrived!

All rewards from this post will be deposited into the kids joint savings account @esteban-luna

More and more I see how it is the example of Sabrina & I which spurs them on, so more and more I sit down along side them to flex my creative muscles with whatever medium they choose for me.

This is a present I made for Esteban with ten little faces to find ;)


I had forgotten how pleasurable it is to create quickly & instinctively without too much sense of attachment to the final product.

Thank you Esteban & Luna for your lesson here.

Last bits of news

In ten days we depart for the UK to spend Christmas & New Year with my mother. This is going to be MEGA! Lots of fun for all the family in a fairytale house.


My solar film job is still dragging on. Currently creating 'social media versions' of the main film. Basically these are shorter versions to catch those who have low attention spans.

Can't wait to show you all the final product of my favourite form of art!

It is coming soon...

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Born artists, these kids.


You are exactly right. This is until us adults go and persuade them otherwise!

That won't be happening around here ;)


Nicely put. I try to connect to that child i once was. We grow into a strange world with very uncivilized values, but as children we see the untainted. To keep them away from moulds and encourage them to become formless, reminds me of how bruce lee talks about water and adaption.

That is just adorable How she thinks to wrap it like a present for you! There's a beautiful heart in there. ❤

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.


Present giving appears to be a big part of their industrious little lives ;)

Here's to a wonderful Christmas for all!

So glad to see you are not encouraging Luna to put a happy little yellow sun in one of the corners. Wonderful how you don't give a fig about the carpet. That house building project is marvelously ambitious. Best of all is how you fell into soulful narrative with your own drawing inspired by your children in order to inspire them more.


The carpet is just a small square which was bought to be trashed ;) In the south of france no one has carpets! Which is mad in the winter when the floor gets so cold. So we have this bit just where the kids play.

Yep, they are here to guide me. I have written about this in the past and really believe it. The lessons are endless if we are prepared to listen ;)

I love to see this! Awesome how she makes the painting in a present by folding it. In my opinion, the folds make it even better, adding some depth to it.

Keep the creativity going and good luck finishing the editing job.
At least you got an awesome holiday to look forward to :>)


Absolutely right! The folds really bring it to life. And it was a noticeable challenge for me to not try and stop her when the painting looked so great already! An important lesson this one.

Yes, the upcoming holiday is now the light at the end of the tunnel! I feel myself going slightly mad producing endless mini versions of the film which has already taken so many hours to create. Like little fractals playing out in my mind...

haha 😜 almost there...

Luna is much more like Sabrina! You definitely got one of each huh? Her present painting is very cute. I can imagine her chattering away in French. I bet the Christmas holidays are gonna be sooo much fun for you all! Xxx


We were clear with our Universal request on that one! Yep, one of each is perfect.

Though I am still open to the idea of more!

There will be large stockings hanging next to a very english looking fire place this Christmas. And I'm probably more excited about this than the kids ;)

I love to see the passion in their eyes when they are being creative, it is such a wonderfully empowering thing to do. My youngest loves to fold up her paintings as well, she also loves to paint herself as well, if I turn my back she will paint her whole body xx


Brilliant! Luna is exactly the same. A deep tribal instinct perhaps? We were probably painting our bodies a long time before we were painting the walls!

And yes, the passion in their eyes is so inspiring to see. A reminder of a time when most important thing in life was to endlessly create... x

Natural creativity at its Best.

This post has been appreciated and featured in daily quality content rewards. Keep up the good work.


Thank you for your generous vote and support :)

My children and I are grateful.

There is nothing better than a bit of natural creativity!

Awesome! Little steps each day, make giant strides. For beautiful artworks checkout my page! Thanks

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