Plein Air Painting - Rolling Hills, Northland




I love doing these plein air studies (painting outdoors) and whilst my studio art works are detailed I love that plein air painting allows me to loosen up my brush work. When painting outdoors, the light and weather conditions are always changing, often quickly. You need to paint quickly to get all that information down on the canvas.⁣

I painted this a couple of days ago, it's a view of a typical Northland, New Zealand landscape, rolling hills and vibrant greens. There is so much to paint up here in the Bay of Islands.⁣

I painted this artwork in oils outdoors on location.⁣

Rolling Hills, Northland, 19cm x 25cm, oil on canvas, painted outdoors en plein air.⁣

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wow very cool painting, how long have you been painting for?

Gosh, hasn't winter reach there yet? It's been miserable and wet and raining in Melbourne! You're still doing plein airs! AMAZING :O

Love this small piece :) The fluffy trees make me happy :D

Never tried this before.

Is it common to start with the sky, the mountains, and slowly work down to the foreground?

Think you got some good results. The changing clouds caused you to capture a nice movement of the sunlight over the land.

Oh i love it, only a few brush strokes gave life and a great atmosphere!!

Wow fantastic work!

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