The Glory of 100 Year College ~ One of the ancient building of History

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Islamia College Peshawar,Pakistan, the image of scholarly greatness is wealthy ever. Its building, which is the best epitome of Muslim progress in south Asia and its rich green gardens pull in guests from everywhere throughout the nation and abroad. It isn't just the coming full circle purpose of the Aligarh Movement, it is in certainty the excellent blend of Aligarh and Deoband Schools of Thought. Being the reproducing ground of the Pashtun intellectual elite, this incredible seat of learning is, where jewels are skimmed since 1913. Also, Islamia College Peshawar was bound to wind up mother foundation of the three colleges and a few schools on its grounds


The credit of this goes to Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum, who is usually called The Sir Sayyed of the Frontier and his genuine partners, who established Islamia College Peshawar in 1913.


Islamia College Peshawar is the best case of blessings. As indicated by the Board of Trustees, the College, which is spread more than 300 sections of land of land, has 1089 Jaribs cultivable land in Harichand, Rai Killi and Tarnab, (District Charsadda). Notwithstanding this there are 395 shops and pads in the Khyber Bazaar Peshawar and principle bazaar Charsadda.



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