Bob Ross for Boredom.

3년 전

Lately I'vebeen incredibly bored, and I stumbled upon some Bob Ross Videos on youtube.

So, I got a drawing program from the internet because MS Paint is a bit lackluster, in this case Krita, A free Program used to illustrate all sorta stuff, from Comics, manga, VFX, etc. And decided to give it a shot just to kill some time.

I am by no means an artist, I've studied some semesters in architecture and know how to draw at a basic level, but I don't claim to be good at it.

My Setup is:

  • An Old Laptop(Acer Aspire 5720-4126):
    • Intel Pentium Dual-Core
    • 2 GB of Ram DDR2
  • A Genius Netscroll 310 Mouse
    Yeah, that's it.

The Bob Ross video I chose is Ebony Sunset (Season 1 Episode 3)

And we can see the progress here, in a side-by-side comparison

Bob RossGarbage I made

After this point I stopped giving a fuck about how good the "painting" had to look, I tried to copy Bob too hard, but hey, every painting is different and is ok as it is. There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.

So, I continued drawing with less stress, most of the time I am my worst judge.

After some thought, I decided to rename my "painting" "Wildfire in the Woods".

I guess that's the pretty thing about art, you can just let your imagination go wild.

MeBob Ross again

The picture is taking shape, but still is not much :P, yet, I don't feel like adding much more besides details .

Final sloppy job, enjoy.

You can watch Bob ross' video for reference. peace.

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Esta brutal, my friend excelente.

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