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Hi, gentle reader!

Today I finally had some spare time and decided to devote it mostly entirely to food, documentaries and drawing on Dada.
(Dada tutorial)

As I usually do, I was taking a look at the latest visual convos going on, waiting for the brain to relax and give up words in favour of images.

The first dialogue that took my attention was an apparently simple exchange between artists AlexHenry and IsaKost, a rectangular stone-like artifact, smaller in the first drawing and bigger and much detailed in the second.

I love playing with Pareidolia, so I magnified the artifact once more and changed the expressions I was seeing in Isa's stones a little bit.


Then I went for a deep dive and followed a beautiful hint by Otro about a Mucha and Pollock crossover launched by Alex Henry a few days ago, when I was in Prague for a Dada reunion (please find the Reinhard Schmid's article about that enticing experience at the end of this post); my first entry in this convo it's been a canonical homage to the mighty Mucha... mucha1.png... with some paint splashes and the background to recall a Pollock's artwork.

I wasn't really happy with the result, so this time I decided to take a different approach, just trying and follow the composition and play with Otro's palette, testing my feelings about Mucha and Prague after my little trip.
After at least two hours of painting and no space for Pollock's reminders, here is it:
and here's an extract from the conversation, featuring artists Boris Toledo Doorm and Otro:

I don't know why those images came to my mind while thinking about Prague.
I loved the city, despite the incredible amount of tourists. That sort of longing and proud decadence it seems to emanate and the stunning architecture really mesmerised me all the time, so I guess the drawing is kind of a synthesis of the Czech experience.

After a break with a beak...

... I was inspired by the latest add to an eery chat between Boris Z. Simunich and (once again!) Alex Henry: Norelys's blue beauty needed a twin too!alien.png


It's been a very interesting drawing session: as per usual, inspiration was everywhere, I felt connected with other human beings and I'd enjoyed myself playing with my fellow artists' palettes and imaginations!

Hugs, and thank you for your time :D


Pinasco Lorena

Alex Henry

Isa Kost

Boris Z. Simunich


Boris Toledo Doorm

Norelys Hernández

SEE THE WHOLE VISUAL CONVOS IN THIS POST (and feel free to reply!):

Dada Tutorial

Stones and faces

Mucha and Pollock

Blue bird with glasses

Interstellar Twins

IN PRAGUE WITH DADA, by Reinhard Schmid

Interstellar Twins, the Work in Progress on DTube!/v/serste/z1gbhgss

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Bellissimo post @serste 😍 adoro il Dada tutorial all’inizio ❤️ e i disegni sono speciali. Dada è una magia. Grazie 🙏😘

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Lo e' davvero! Non posso spiegarti la gioia, dopo anni, di veder arrivare gli artisti italiani! Pensa che per tutto questo tempo ho cercato di portarne (conoscenti, amici disegnatori miei) ma ho ricevuto solo diffidenza e paura della tecnologia... Ora saremo di piu' a diffondere il messaggio di Dada in Italia: sono super felice! Grazie!!!


Chissà perché tutta questa diffidenza... si perdono una grande meraviglia 😍 Diffondiamo 💙

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Hi serste,

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Wow! Thank you so much, @curie! I will join the channel for sure!
Have a good day!!!

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This is awesome ! Serste definitely deserves it!

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  ·  작년

All done! Sorry, I'm learning by copying :P Thanks a lot @artzone!

When I saw that first Mucha painting I thought, well this looks so familiar, then I read your text and when I saw it was Mucha I understood why. I used to live in Prague for 6 years and there are so many art works from him present in this city. I'm not sure why you were not satisfied with your work. I liked it :)

The second one is very good! I like the color combinations and those people walking up the stairs really make me think of Prague. My beloved city. Thank you for your beautiful art and for the memories that you brought to me through your work!

  ·  작년

I'm moved my image of Prague reminded you of it: is such a rewarding feeling, when I'm able to communicate with art! Thank you for stopping by, your comment really made my day!


My pleasure! You made MY day with your post! Have a lovely weekend!

  ·  작년

Great post Serste! I want to mention in particular the BIRD! Because it made me laugh ! I found the way you transformed the conversation is brilliant funny and so refreshing ! Only evenetually i noticed the bird theme was there set from before and it made sense and lost magic :D
Well done making the video about your alien, I should try something like that :D I love to see work progress ! Sometimes it cuts my inspiration to pause for screenshots thou.. gotta work on that :D
I am so happy you got a Currie upvote! I hope they will follow you till you die !
You should also check @minnowsupport
They have great curration shows for art and an amazing community i am proud and happy to be part time part of :D

HAve a great week! Love from Prague

  ·  작년

How are you? And your girls?
Harvest is done, I have some photos:

Thank you for the advice! I will try to keep up with this blog!
Screenshotting while drawing is, indeed, annoying, but I would love to observe your process again!
To me it's also a way to have a better look at my progresses and errors...

HUGS from Appennino!

  ·  작년

wow i love how the buds spiral around the stalk on the bottom right picture! Lol how tall is that plant comparing to you! And your hands must be smelling nice now ;D And im promoting
That harvest must have been a plenty of work! It must be great to work and live in the nature thou.. i was driving around the city today and it is so smelly! And that is only Prague, relatively clean city..

I have just finished playing some music for the crowd in PAL Discord. The pirate waves techno set :D there are people talking about art right now! I love MSP! my home on steemit.
Anyways to answer you.. :D I get easily carried away... // the girls are good, i had 4 days with them alone - Iara went to Berlin.. bonding time.. it is good for all of us. Iara gets rest and the girls more daddy time.. also become less dependent on mother... good for all of us... and now I have little bit more time 4 myself :D

It will be great when we will be able to watch people drawing live on dada..

I actually like that painting of a lady leaning on a tiger's head. She looks lovely and tamed that wild beast - a contrast but great combination of personas. Anyway, the other one is also lovely. What are those, fairies guarding the senior couple on the background? I'm curious about the story behind the painting...

  ·  작년

Hi @macoolette, and thank you for your interest :)

It's funny because just yesterday I was making order in my recent drawings and I noticed my inclination to draw pairs and couples. I may have to go back in my drawing history, but I think it is quite a recent thing.
Under the stairs I wanted to add a touch of mystery and a second narrative: another two people on a white boat, one of them holding a torch to grasp the view of a tunnel.
The violet thing under the stairs was meant to be water, so their having a tour on the undergrounds by Vltava river, I guess.
I like the fairies guardians version better, tho! Hugs!


Boat under the stairway! I think that will be cool and will make the painting more mysterious. But with how it is now, is there still space to squeeze in without erasing the existing drawings?

  ·  작년

Once it's posted, as this one, I cannot change it anymore: it's part of a bigger picture.
But I can re-draw it, for sure, or just keep this inspiration for the next one :)


Wow, re-draw sounds too time consuming but maybe the next one will do. 😊

Each work is different from the other, that makes your art great. The first work you exhibit here is the one that caught my attention the most, (Dada is fire) it's great how you use color in such an innocent and modern way. Can see all the effort you have given to what you are passionate about.

  ·  작년

Thanks a lot! DADA's artists are a great inspiration for colours and imagination, and I really like trying new styles.
Thank you!