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Greetings Steemians!

With a total of 13 submissions I was happy to see that my last Let's make a collage - contest was well received. Not only were there many exciting contributions, but also a lot of Steemians who engaged with their comments and upvotes to help determining the winners.

So before we go into the next round let us first congratulate the two winners of last week:

@miroslavrc @astrophoto.kevin

Both winners received 5 SBD and a well deserved 100% upvote on their awesome submissions.

Do you have what it takes to be the next winner?

So let's do this again!

What do you see in this photography that is not yet there? A mole who remodels the meadow according to his needs? A crack in the ground from which an earth spirit rises? Or a crowd of Christmas elves who are in a hurry to get their work done?

(click here for high-res version)

Let your creativity run wild and transform the image into whatever you want to see. Your imagination is the only limit (and the tools that you can command).


  • First place: 5 SBD and one 100% upvote
  • Second place: 2 SBD and a 50% upvote
  • Third place: 1 SBD and a 20% upvote

The decision about the winners will be based on my subjective choice. Upvotes and comments by the community will be considered!


  • The above photography needs to be the starting point for any further modification. I provide it for free use without any copyright protection.
  • Submissions need to be posted as a comment to this post.
  • Any graphical element that is added to the photography either needs to be your own original work (e.g. own artwork or photography) OR needs to derive from the public domain (having no copyright protection).
  • All sort of editing, modification and/or manipulation is allowed as long as no copyright is affected.
  • By submitting your contribution you agree that your artwork remains public domain and that it can be copied, modified and distributed, even for commercial purposes, without requiring further permission.
  • Entry deadline is December 17, 6:00 pm UTC

In order to have an unbiased community feedback, please note that I will not upvote or comment your submissions before the winners are determined.

I'm very much looking forward to your contributions!


Photo recorded by myself with an iPhone 6S.

If anything prevents you from making full use of your VP you can follow my curation trail on Steemauto.

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Let your creativity run wild and transform the image into whatever you want to see. Your imagination is the only limit

Usually i do Photomanipulations in Photoshop on Pc but this time i used my iPad and worked with Procreate.



It was an massacre! xD


This is absolutely great! Congrats to your first place!


Glad to hear that, thanks :)


I like your idea for the story! Beginning with the @shaka foto in totally peace ... the "war against nature" is over and nothing reminds on it. Just a spot ? ( my english is not so good ) into the past... and everything changes. There are many examples in reality for similar situations: Not showing what is behind the scene...

it makes sence for looking into the future, too. Everything is looking fine - and suddenly something happens, which changes your life...

Good story! Thank you

Ich habe gerade auf deinem Blog gesehen, dass ich auch deutsch hätte schreiben können... hihi, ich hoffe es ist verständlich, ich lasse es jetzt. Und alles nur, weil shaka englisch geantwortet hat ;-) Lieben Gruß Kadna


Hehe ja auf Deutsch schreiben macht es definitiv einfacher. Du hast da eine echt schöne und treffende Interpretation verfasst. Ich habe tatsächlich als idee gehabt die "vergangenheit", naja sagen wir mal eine im entfernesten mögliche Vergangenheit darzustellen.


🥇Congratulations @bronkong, you won the first place in this contest!! 👏

You have nicely picked up the shrubs and the wooden branch as the template's core elements and used them with impressive creativity to develop alien tree creatures which engage in a phantasmagoric battle scene. Awesome!

5 SBD are on the way to your wallet. In addition, your submission receives a 100% upvote.

I hope to see you joining the next contest again!


Thank you, im very happy about the first place. This contest was a nice motivation to do some photomanipulation because its been a while since i did this..and it was fun!

Thank you @shaka for providing this creativity contest!

hello @shaka , this is my entry , with my whales of watercolor paintings




🥈Congratulations @li-art, you won the second place in this contest!! 👏

You placed beautifully painted whale spirits into the setting. The shadows that you added as well as the more distant whales created an enchanting scene with depth and animation. A great piece of work!

2 SBD are on the way to your wallet. In addition, your submission receives a 50% upvote.

I hope to see you joining the next contest again!

Amazing idea for a contest @shaka, the starting photo leaves room for creativity and imagination. A lot of surreal and funny situations in my entry, a gif animation titled It was a quite day.



🥉Congratulations @georgeboya, you won the third place in this contest!! 👏

With impressive skills and great imagination you picked up a key element of the template and developed a narrative out of it. Your short film tells a story as funny as it is bizarre. And it get's more astonishing with every element added :) Great artwork!

1 SBD is on the way to your wallet. In addition, your submission receives a 25% upvote.

I hope to see you joining the next contest again!


Thank you very much @shaka😊 I am looking forward for more contests😊😊

Definitely looks better with Saturn...click image for large version.



Is that the view while staying on Enceladus?
The terraforming has made great steps forward :-)


Yes and we managed to make it look remarkably similar to Shaka's neighbourhood :)


Definitely yes. Saturn is a fantastic fit to the scenery.

Thank you for this cool submission!


No probs @shaka . Good idea for a contest...and I see I just missed your puzzle post :( Never mind next time!

Thats me taking a look at the sunset:



Thank you for your submission and for contributing this great scenery @obvious!

I hope to see you contributing the next time again!

The last round was fun so I am excited to participate this time too :) I think Chichen Itza, the iconic ancient Mayan landmark, fits pretty nicely to your grassland :D (I just wish my hand was not so shaky when doing the cut-out manually :D)


And this is the original photo I took at Chichen Itza, Mexico last year.


Thanks for hosting this fun contest @shaka!


Thank you for your submission @phortun. Really an impressive construction. Would love to have a look at it in real life.


Thank you for your submission and for sharing the process with us. Great idea and beautiful outcome.

I hope to see you contributing next time again!

Hi @shaka, hab' leider keinen Sternenhimmel gefunden ;)
Diesmal ist's eine richtige Collage aus 7 selbst gescghossenen Fotos ...


Wirklich sehr hübsch und schön komponiert! Danke für Deinen Einreichung!


Danke @shaka :)

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Thank you @checky, that was helfpul!

Here is the my creation @shaka. I have created two picture and its too much difficult for me to select one. As there is no rule mentioned for the no. of entry, please accept my both creation or select anyone.
This is the sunset view from a beautiful garden.
This is the beautiful snow falling winter view.


Thank you for your submissions. These are beautiful and imaginative sceneries!

Spürt die Angst des Grases???? Eigentlich müsste ja der Mond noch darein (Pink Floyd-mäßig)... das übersteigt meine Fähigkeiten... Hihi, ich hatte jedenfalls Spaß beim Gestalten...
Da meine Möglichkeiten zwar Imginationsmäßig sehr kreativ sind, meine Grenzen aber in Werkzeug und Technil liegen, gibt es eine Collage mit Canva, Shakas Foto und einem durchsichtigen "openclipart vector Bild von pixabay...

The darkside of the green.jpg


Vielen Dank für deinen Beitrag @kadna. Freut mich, wenn es dir Spass gemacht hat. Und man lernt auch immer ein bisschen was bei diesen digitalen Basteleien. So geht es mir zumindest :)


Haha, ja gern geschehen... Ja Lernen mit Spaß sozusagen. Lieben Gruß, Kadna

  ·  3년 전

Hi don't know if I'm out of time any way here is my entry ;)

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Thank you for your submission. I love dinosaurs :D
And cool idea, using the wood branch as feet ;)

Thanks, @shaka for #letsmakeacollage it does give me time to learn photo edits.


those goats i shot individually and the lone egret in the sky :)


Thank you for your submission! Same here, I always learn myself a lot too, when playing with photo edits.


Thank you for your submission!

This isn't my area of expertise, but @ykdesign really should join in! It looks like a fun contest. :-D

This is really amazing, thank you at least for helping people earn during this hard period. My heart is with you.


Thank you! In fact though, with current valuation in fiat, there is a lot of Steem to be earned these days.


Yes, you are right as the payout is incredibly high compared to the upvotes you get on a post.
What's responsible for this?


The low valuation of Steem in USD.

@shaka, Hope that you are doing great. I want to come up with an Poetry Piece for this picture. Can i share poetry piece for this contest, what you say?

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

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That is very cool.
Awesome art.

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