Vintage (Car) Signs!

4년 전

Hey Guys! I just wanted to quickly show you this old car sign that I made for my dad for Father’s Day. I found the idea on pinterest and I will link the original DIY post below. I made it on a large stretched canvas (24" x 30") and sanded it down and such to make it look old and worn out. I made a stencil of the picture and it is all spray painted. It looks pretty cool hanging on the wall of the garage!

 I’m going to be making another one with a different picture pretty soon so when I do I will make a video of it so that you guys can see the process in action. Now that I have made one I know some of the things that I would do differently. Has anyone else made something similar to this? Do you have any other methods of getting similar results? It looks cool but it is quite a cumbersome project!

Let me know what you think!     

Original Post!  

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You've got game. Thanks for sharing

That's cool, it looks really old. Looking forward to seeing the video. Thank you for sharing.