The woman in pink is ready to dry ^_^

2년 전

Even if I want to paint a similar subject oon canvas, I wanted to try it on a sheet of paper too. Yes, it's the woman in pink that is in my mind since I saw a "real" woman in pink like this while I was walking on the streets of my city. 

Noe this oil painting on paper (a sheet A4 size of 200 gr paper) is ready to dry and I'm thinking to start (as soon as possible) a similar painting on a canvas too. The canvas will be bigger than this, sure, so I could add more details ^_^

Painting on paper I can see if a subject work as I want in a fast way, because a painting on paper in this size needs less time to work and it dry faster. Sure, the effects that I can do on paper are different from the effect I can do on canvas, but it's always an interesting way to study a subject ^_^

Well, I have to cook for dinner now, my hubby seems hungry!^_^

See ya soon


silvia beneforti
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No food for him until he puts those tiles in, I say.

Do you think you could find that woman again? Maybe she wants to see the painting, I think she'll like it. I do.


You're right! Today she said me that he will start to work on tiles in the next day. He said he will share some pics of the work in progress here on Steemit, so I replied to him I could organize a sort of contest: "guess the date of the end of the work and you win something" :P


If you don't give him any food until he's finished, he will be quicker 8-).

I will partake in that contest, if it comes to that, heehee.

You have a definite style that signatures Hair Artistry thanks for sharing


You're welcome, dear Troy ^_^

Paper? Canvas? The only difference is where your painting is located but either way both were amazing... 😍😊😘


I agree, the only difference is where they are located ;)

Finaly it's completely done, lovely and cute


Thanks so much ^_^

Your work is amazing. Congratulations dear Silvia


Thanks so much, dear friend ^_^

I always love your artwork, Silvia! <3